The Blogger Collective: Who We Are.

Welcome to the cool kids table, pals.

At least, that’s the idea behind The Blogger Collective. We want everyone to feel included, feel part of something, and feel some ownership over a group that promotes learning + growing as bloggers, while supporting each other at the same time.

The mission statement: The Blogger Collective aims to create a community that promotes sharing and growth, as well as developing relationships and encouraging collaboration.

It’s not that you can’t be a bitch. Just be the good kind. The pull-no-punches, take charge, Tiny Fey/Amy Pohler kind of lady who knows who she is and what she wants. (And hey, it’s cool if that isn’t you. As long as you’re supportive + encouraging of your fellow blogger, you can still totally sit with us.)

We wanted to build a space that housed informational content readily available for those looking to hone their blogging skills. Who hasn’t wondered about how to build a social media following? Or how to create content your readers will engage with? Or when (and if) you should monetize your blog?

That’s where we come in. We want to provide those answers for you, through an educational series called Blogger U.

We also wanted our little corner of the web to feature actual members, humanize the blogging experience, and give everyone the chance to get to know each other. The idea is to put actual faces + stories to the handles and blog names floating out there on the internet.

The Blogger Collective will do this, through posts from our ambassadors called the Get Personal Series. How do they balance work, a social life, relationships, etc., while running an active blog with an engaged readership? More importantly: why do they? What keeps them going, what drives them?

We wanted to challenge our members; give them something to strive for in a group setting. (Because we’re all really in this together, you know.) That’s the best part about a group with similar mindsets and goals– we can pursue this stuff together!

Through a series of bite-sized challenges, The Blogger Collective will offer its members the chance to set + achieve a goal. (Totally optional, we’re just providing you with an attainable goal. The point is to get everyone in it together, so we can lean on and support each other throughout the process.) Maybe we’ll work on our social media presence one month, and then tackle collaborating effectively with other bloggers the next. It’s all about growth!

We hope you’ll join us (if you haven’t already). The cool kids table is pretty big; we’re happy to make room.

Have a question? Get in touch. Ready to apply? You know where to go.

TBC Members: we want to feature you! Introduce yourself to the rest of The Blogger Collective by applying to be our Blogger Babe of the Week. Just shoot us an email.


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