TBC Collaborates: Top Blogging Tips

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We polled the ambassadors to get their opinion on the best snippet of advice they could give their fellow bloggers, and here’s what they said…

You never know until you ask.

From Jess:
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. This can be carried over to nearly every aspect of your life, but it couldn’t be more spot-on for us bloggers.

We spend every extra ounce of time on our blogs, slave over social media, and pour our all into our sites– you owe it to yourself to ask for what you want. Do you want to be paid for a sponsored post? Are you itching to collaborate with another blogger or a brand? Just ask. You’re probably going to hear no a lot, but I can attest I’ve heard yes more times than not and there is no better feeling.

Meet and greet.

From Shannon:
My top blogging tip is to make friends! When I first started blogging, I always asked questions and for advice. I ended up learning the best blogging tips and made some great blogger friends!

Sometimes blogging can get tough and to have the support of other bloggers who know what you are going through is the best. That’s why I have jumped on board with becoming an ambassador for TBC! It’s such a great way to stay connected, make friends, and get great advice from others!

Stay true.

From Rachelle:
This may sound cliché, but my top blogging tip will always be “be yourself”. While you can learn from your peers, your individuality and unique voice is what will set you apart.

The blogging world may be saturated, but no brand works with just one blogger and same goes for readers. Be your authentic self and always strive to improve your blog. You don’t necessarily have to come up with anything new, but whatever you do make sure you are not driven solely by money, freebies or just because it’s the new hot thing to do.

Consistency is key.

From Angela:
Be consistent! Whether you blog one or five times a week, stick to the same schedule. If your blog schedule is sporadic, this frustrate your readers when they don’t see a new blog post from you. Having a schedule means your readers know what to expect.

You gotta commit.

From Ashley:
Start an editorial calendar, which is a schedule of what you’re going to write and when you’re going to publish. This gets increasingly important as you start working with brands + other bloggers; you need to be able easily tell when you can fit a post in, when you’re booked up, and where your content gaps are.

Comment to connect.

From Nikki:
No man is an island, and no blog can grow if you aren’t connecting with other bloggers. How will others know about your blog if you aren’t actively recruting new readers? Visit and comment on other bloggers’ sites that you enjoy. Not only will you make some potential friends and possibly gain some readers, you will also be able to learn from those who have been blogging longer. Commenting is key!

However, avoid the “follow me and I’ll follow you” type comment.  That is the best way to get people NOT to visit your blog. Leave thoughtful comments that show you are interested in their blog.


What do you think, TBC? What are your top blogging tips? Share ’em in the comments!


6 thoughts on “TBC Collaborates: Top Blogging Tips

  1. Thank you ambassadors for your input. I have a few style collaborations coming up with a few other bloggers and it is a lot of work and since I am new at it and leading these I worry that I won’t get something right or miss something. I have had a lot of brands contact me about sponsor posts, paid and with freebies or just a freebie. However, if there are certain brands or shops I want to work with how do you go about it or what is your wording for asking as sometimes I am asking but get no feedback, or a “sorry we have no funds right now” yet they turn around and work with other bloggers. Help!? Or am I the only one that feels this way?


    1. Hi Rachel, our advice would be:
      -Only work with brands that feel right + are a good fit for your blog and your audience.
      -As you collaborate more with other bloggers (on style posts, for example), you will get better and better, and feel more comfortable leading the charge. Just keep on trucking, and ask questions if/when you’re confused.
      -If you want to work with a certain brand/store and you are contacting them, you need to get your media kit (a breakdown of your site’s aesthetic, traffic numbers, social media reach, what types of posts/collaborations you’re willing to work on, and a mini sales pitch about why working with your blog is beneficial) in order, and be ready to sell your blog. This is key point in being able to sell the idea of your blog to vendors/brands, and gives you a professional edge.
      -If the company comes back with a “no, thanks”, politely ask if there’s anything you can do or achieve that would make your blog more appealing to them. Maybe they have something in mind, and you aren’t aware of it.
      -If they answer with a “no, we don’t have the funds right now”, consider doing something pro bono, but asking for a return on your time and content via promotion on their social channels + to their audience. You might not make any money on the initial post, but cultivating the relationship could prove more beneficial down the road, and getting exposed to their customers through their social channels means more potential visitors to your blog.

      Hope this information helps, Rachel!

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      1. Thanks ladies for the suggestions. My first hosted style collaboration went well yesterday (https://garaytreasures.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/style-collaboration-mustard-cardigan-styled-2-ways-2-bloggers/) and I have one more I helped put together with 2 other bloggers on Monday. I love connecting and getting to know bloggers more through this among other things. I will keep in mind the brand and store collaborations for the future. For now, The Shelf network has been my help in this area.


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