Blogger Babe of the Week: Shannon of Clothes & Quotes

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Shannon of Clothes & Quotes

Shannon 1Shannon blogs at Clothes & Quotes, where she shares her personal style and love for quotes. She currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with her fiancé and two highly obnoxious absolutely perfect Bull Terriers. Shannon works a typical 9-5 job during the day, spends way too much time watching whatever show is on Bravo at night, and is constantly dreaming about sipping mimosas on a sunny patio.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging thus far is discovering this amazing community of women who blog and who are in full support of each other. Women supporting women is rare to come by.

I also love discovering new blogs, prior to actually blogging myself, I was only aware of the “big” bloggers, but there are soooo many more out there (obviously)!

And what I love about being a personal style blogger is being able to see what really works and doesn’t work for my body type… It’s been a very eye-opening experience.

What do you find the most challenging about blogging/being a blogger?
The most challenging thing for me is definitely time management. Blogging usually keeps me up later than I would prefer, but I’m working on it. I just need to set a schedule. Even after over a year of blogging, I’m still in awe of how time consuming it is.

Shannon 2If you had to eat only one food for an entire year, what would it be?
Easy. Pizza, Little Caesars, preferably (so gross, I know). With a glass of champagne, please.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Not easy. Umm… Mind reader? But only if I could turn it on and off. Or invisibility. I guess a power where I would be able to know what people are really thinking.

Thanks for being our Blogger Babe of the Week, Shannon! Check out Clothes & Quotes and leave Shannon some love.


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