TBC Collaborates: Why Collaborating Is Cool.

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We’re all about collaborating here at The Blogger Collective– with other bloggers, with brands, with like-minded people, with other creative individuals, the list goes on… But why? Why should you collaborate?

Collaborating can be a major brainstorming session, bouncing ideas off of each other via email + text, creating group posts, working with brands, starting your own blogger group– the possibilities for collaboration are endless!

We polled the ambassadors: what makes collaboration so cool for you?

Exposure + growth.

From Jess:
Unless you are truly just blogging for the fun of it, you probably desire to achieve blog growth, right?! Collaborating is an absolute necessity. This can range from collaborating with another blogger on a post or series, partnering with a brand or a local business, or meeting up with fellow creatives to find out what’s working and what’s not in the blog world. It all leads to increased exposure on this little thing we call the internet. Everyone has something unique to offer and when you join those forces together, you get results.

Building relationships.

From Shannon:
Collaborating is not only great for exposure, but it also builds relationships! I have met so many amazing people through collaborations, and through these relationships learned so much more about the blogging world.

Gaining new readers.

From Rachelle:
Collaborating with a fellow blogger is one of the best things you can do, not only you can learn from each other, you can also expose each other to new readers. Any posts you work on together will always have a bigger reach, hence more chances to get noticed by brands and PR firms. Just make sure you collaborate with the right blogger and you guys have a real bond.

Making friends.

From Angela:
I absolutely love collaborating with brands and other bloggers! It’s definitely one of my favorite parts about blogging, because that’s how I’ve made such great friends and it’s how I’ve gotten to introduce my readers to some amazing products. Collaborating is one way that you can really help your blog grow, and to make lasting relationships.

Building your blogger resumé.

From Ashley:
Collaborating is a great way to grow as a blogger. Whether you’re working with a big brand, a local shop, or a group of blogger babes on a project, all of those collabs are going to give you experience and knowledge to build on, as well as adding to your blogger resumé.

Having fun.

From Nikki:
There are a ton of benefits to collaborating– growing your blog, expanding your readership, etc. But to me, the main reason collaborating is cool is because it is fun!

If you are collaborating with other bloggers, you get to know them so much better when you work together either creating posts or even talking through ideas. If you are working with a brand, it can be a fun challenge to represent them in the way you want. Plus you have the opportunity learn so much by collaborating.


What do you think, TBC? What makes collaboration cool for you?


6 thoughts on “TBC Collaborates: Why Collaborating Is Cool.

  1. I love collaborating with other bloggers, because when I start projects, I usually have tunnel vision, and it’s great to have people that will give me a reality check or come up with ideas that I never would have thought of.


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