Blogger U: Link-ups 101

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A link-up is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and meet other bloggers. You may choose to simply participate in them, but keep on reading for tips on starting your own link-up.

Link-Up Theme

Most link-ups have a particular theme, it can be about “professional attire”, “outfit of the day”, or you can suggest your readers to link to a theme for every single link-up ex: bold jewelry, a particular print, a color, etc. It’s really up to you and the kind of categories you cover on your blog. A theme isn’t always necessary; you can just invite bloggers to link up a particular day of the week. I went for a seasonal link-up with #HowIFall and #HowISummer.

To Partner or Not to Partner?

You can totally go solo on your link-up, however, I personally love hosting my link-up with my partner in crime, Charnele. We keep each other accountable and you have an extra person to help you spread the word. Hence double the success!

Link-up Platform

I am really familiar with inlinkz and I highly recommend it, but a lot of very successful bloggers with link-ups use Linky Tools and it seems to work well for them.

How to Start a Link-up?

I personally wanted to grow my readership and focus on my content before I started my link-up. When I decided to give it a go, I first made an announcement a week prior to let all my readers know it was underway. I also made sure to invite all my blogger friends.

On the big day, I reminded all my favorite bloggers to join. I maintained a list of everyone that linked up and every week I send a reminder email on the day the link-up goes live.

PS: always remember to BCC (blind copy) all the emails so that everyone’s email is not exposed and to potentially avoid accidental “reply all” emails. A service like MailChimp might make this task a lot easier.

Make Your Link-up Unique

Take the time to create a banner or a fun logo for your link-up. Having a “grab a button” is a must!

Overall, make sure to support other bloggers and their link-ups so they can return the favor. And don’t give up– it may be hard at first, but if you are consistent your link-up will eventually take off.


Rachelle blogs at Pinksole and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.


6 thoughts on “Blogger U: Link-ups 101

  1. Great advice Rachelle! I have guest hosted a couple of link-ups in my young blogger life so far and loved it! However, I don’t think I’m ready to do one on my own until I have expanded my readership as you mentioned. When I finally do, I hope I have a blogger friend out there in cyber space that will agree to Co-host with me. I think it’s much more fun that way!


  2. Great advice!! I’ve always wondered how to bring more traffic to my blog! Thank you for whoever created this website, I struggle a lot with the “how to’s” in the blogging world, and this website has been so great! Thank you all! 🙂


  3. Awesome post, thanks for the tips!! I’m also so curious on how to find link-ups to participate in …that may be a silly question. I’m a bit new to link-ups, but would love to participate in one before hosting my own!


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