TBC Challenge: Set Your Blog Goals

tbc challenge headerWe’ve talked about goals before, and what better time than right now to set a few and start working toward accomplishing them? New year, new goals, new you.

The official challenge* for members of The Blogger Collective for the month of January: set 3-5 goals related to your blog.

Some tips to get you started:

  • Consider making a few small goals (easier to achieve + more attainable) and a few larger, big-picture goals. (It’s okay to dream big!)
  • Think about short-term and long-term goals. (where do you want to be in 6 months? A year?)
  • Consider your current workload and social life (what can you feasibly tackle now, what can wait?) and plan accordingly; prioritizing is key to success.
  • Write ‘em down! Jotting your goals down somewhere (in a note app on your phone, in a journal, in your planner, etc.) gives you a 42% success boost.
  • Share ‘em! If you share your goals with someone else, you’re 78% more likely to achieve them.

Our advice? Jot down a draft of your 2015 (and beyond, if you want) blog goals, and then reach out to a blogger pal and start a discussion about how achievable they are, whether he/she has any tips, and where you might have gaps/areas you need to work on. (PS- you should offer to do the same for this fellow blogger!) Then share the final version of your 2015 goals, and get to tackling ‘em!

Don’t have a blogger friend to lean on for goal support? Start with The Blogger Collective directory; it’s full of people who are likely willing to lend a hand.

Want to share your goals with the group? Take to Twitter and tag your goals with #tbcgoals. We’re happy to weigh in if you need help + retweet to boost your signal.

Need a little help getting a jump start? Check out Nikki’s 2015 Blog goals.

Good luck!

*A note about TBC Challenges: These are totally optional. (Like we’re not going to kick you out if you don’t participate, duh.) But there’s comradery to be mined here, and why not a tackle a goal with a group of people who are reaching for the same thing? It allows us to reach out to one another, ask questions, and support each other as we work through a shared goal. That’s what each challenge is all about.


19 thoughts on “TBC Challenge: Set Your Blog Goals

  1. Just starting my blog three days ago, I set life goals but now I know I didn’t dig deep enough into my blogging goals. Where I want to go, how I want to get there, who I want to reach as an audience, etc. This is tonight’s task!


  2. I love these goals! I totally agree about telling others about your goal … gives you more motivation I think! I have little goals here and there, but my biggest goal is relearning Arabic!! 🙂


  3. Goal Planning is my LIFE! I didn’t realize how important planning really was until last year when I saw how everything I worked for was something I promised to myself. Love it!


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