Featured Post: Red-Eye Flight Prep

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Today we’re featuring a post from Melanie of me & mr. Make sure to check out Melanie’s blog and show her some love!


Today me and mr. head to California to visit family– and I could not be more excited! The only thing I’m dreading is our flight. Flying from Jakarta, Indonesia to San Francisco, California is rough. We will be in the air for 17 hours and that doesn’t include our 6-hour layover. Last year I flew over 100 hours, which makes me think I should know some the necessities for flying. Hopefully you will find my list helpful for your future flights!

1. Moleskin and pencil – It’s always nice to have something close by to write down thoughts, today lists, and little inspirations when flying.

2. Hand sanitizer – Airplanes and airports are so dirty! Before eating anything I always use a hand sanitizer.

3. Malin + Goetz face moisturizerhand body lotion, and lip moisturizer – This is the perfect little kit for when your skin starts getting dry– after 17 hours it’s bound to happen.

4. Passport and boarding pass – I always like to keep this close to me on red eyes. I normally keep it in my pocket so that when I’m sleeping I know exactly where it is.

5. Ear plugs – I learned this the hard way after too many flights with crying babies.

6. Zipfizz – This is a powdered drink I like to take toward the end of my red-eye. Zipfizz has a bunch of vitamins to help boost my immune system and help me not get sick from the people around me. It also has caffeine, which helps me stay awake when trying to adjust to the new time zone.

7. Ukraine Diaries – I love having a book or magazine with me especially for take-off and landing when you have to put your electronics away.

8. Noise-canceling headphones – These are fantastic for airplanes, you can’t hear anything around you with them!

9. Gum – Needed to help my ears adjust during take-off and landing.

10. Comfy socks – I always get cold on flights, so having warm socks makes it easier for me to sleep.

11. Mouthwash – After a long flight and attempted sleep, I know my breath is going to be horrible.

12. Burts Bees chapstick – This is a must for me, I go crazy if I don’t put on chapstick every couple of hours.

13. Splitter – This is nice when you are traveling with someone because you can listen to the same music or watch a movie together.

14. Sleep mask – Lights are constantly going on and off on airplanes. This helps me stay asleep.

Also, here is a great starter kit if you need it!

Thanks for sharing these awesome airplane travel tips, Melanie!

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