TBC Challenge: Get Connected

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A new month is here, TBC babes, so that means it’s time for another challenge. We loved reading your goals from our January challenge; it sounds like you are all focused and ready to go!

We’re all about connecting here at The Blogger Collective. Ashley and I became friends through blogging, and that never would have happened if we hadn’t connected through reading and commenting on each others blogs, following each other on social media, emailing each other, etc. Getting connected is what brought us together and what eventually led to the formation of The Blogger Collective! Building relationships with other bloggers takes effort, but it’s so important and worth the time spent.

For this month’s challenge, we’re urging you to get connected. Your goal: connect with two other bloggers–preferably one in your blogging category and one outside your category. (So if you’re a fashion blogger, connect with a fellow fashion blogger and food, mommy, or lifestyle blogger. You get the gist!)

Read + comment on their blogs, follow them on social media, and engage with them in general– maybe shoot your new blogger friend an email and compliment on a recent post that resonated with your, or introduce yourself in a more formal fashion. We want you to go beyond just a comment; we want you to start to build some relationships.

If you want to take this further, connect with more than two bloggers. There are so many amazing ladies (and gentlemen) out there. So get social and mingle!


10 thoughts on “TBC Challenge: Get Connected

  1. I agree, and feel like I have already begun this challenge by meeting and helping newbie bloggers figure things out, talk fashion or faith. I am even collaborating with another mommy blogger on putting together a fun kids project- so yes it is outside of my fashion blog but I have kids and sometimes it is nice to step out of the fashion niche every once in awhile. Random question though did you ladies from the blggecollective receive my e-mail alright about the Blogger Babe questions and my answers. Just checking as I hope it got sent alright or I attached the right file? Thanks ladies for working hard and for adding tips in.
    Rachel xo


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