Blogger U: All About Apps 101

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Apps can be fun, but they can also make your life easier. I wanted to share my favorite iPhone + Android apps that help me stay on top of life as a blogger! (Minus all the usual social media apps, of course.) Here are my top 5 favorites:

1. Instasize (iOS/Android)

This is the app I use to resize photos used on my blog for Instagram. It makes the picture the perfect size for Instagram, so that no part of the picture is cropped. It’s especially perfect for when I post a vertical outfit picture!

2. Evernote (iOS/Android)

I keep a running list on my phone of blog post ideas and items on my wish list. I like keeping a wish list on my phone because it helps me prioritize my purchases when I’m out shopping. Evernote is the app I use for this and I love that it syncs up with my other Apple products. You can download the app to your laptop at home/work, your tablet, etc., for both Apple and Android products and always stay organized.

3. Magic Hour (iOS only for now)

I don’t know where I first learned about this app, but it’s amazing! It tells you the magic hour or the optimal time to take pictures to get the best lighting, based on your location. It’s an app I really like to use before my husband and I take outfit pictures for my blog.

4. Bloglovin’ (iOS/Android)

Bloglovin’ is a great way to see all your favorite blogs in one place. It’s my favorite way to read blogs because it conveniently displays all new blog posts in your feed. I love to scroll through it during my lunch break, and catch up with the latest from my blogger friends.

5. Afterlight (iOS/Android)

I’ve recently starting using this app to edit my pictures before posting them on Instagram. It has more options for editing your pictures, and I really love the final result when using this app. This is the only one on my list that isn’t free, but it’s only $0.99 and definitely worth it.


Angela blogs at Head to Toe Chic and is an ambassador for The Blogger Collective.


14 thoughts on “Blogger U: All About Apps 101

  1. I had never heard of instasize but thanks to your lovely review I will definitely try it. I heard about afterlight the other day through Jades blog (Spoonful of Style) and can’t wait to download it and try it. Bloglovin is definitely my favorite and it is what I use to keep up with everyone I follow or allow me to visit current posts. Thanks for your review and introducing me to some new apps.
    Rachel xo


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