TBC Collaborates: How We Stay Organized

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Truth: when you run a blog, there are a lot of things to juggle. You have to keep up with content brainstorming, writing your posts, returning comments and emails, collaborations with other bloggers and/or brands, etc. Organization is key, especially because for most of us, our blogs aren’t full-time gigs. (And social lives are nice, no?)

Luckily, there are tools, tips, and methods you can use to help to keep organized. We are sharing some of our favorites today; here’s how we stay on top of things:

Keep a calendar.

From Sarah
I really almost completely on my Whitney English Day Designer to stay organized. With a full-time job, blogging, freelance work, Junior League commitments, and an attempt at a social life, I need one place to keep up with everything and the Day Designer has become my lifeline since I started using it this summer.

From Angela
I have the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and it’s my lifesaver when it comes to staying organized! Each day has a schedule, to do list, notes, and even a spot for your dinner plans. I always write down my blog post due dates, reminders to post on social media, my to-do list for work each day, and plans that I’ve made with friends and family.

From Rachelle
Staying organized is not always an easy task, but my first step is writing everything down, as I tend to be forgetful. This year I bought a nice planner with plenty of room to write my ideas, plans, and editorial calendar.

I also create several labels in my GMail account so I can keep my emails organized based on the subject. I also send myself email reminders from my phone when I’m away from home, and then revise them once or twice a week to see if they need to make it to the planner.

An all-access app.

From Ashley
I have a serious app crush on Evernote. It syncs to all my devices: phone, tablet, personal laptop, and work computer. No matter where I am, I have access to it. You can create different notebooks; I have one for my blog (where endless brainstorming sessions are dumped, ideas logged, etc.), one for work (typing notes at a meeting blows hand-written notes outta the water), and one for personal use (grocery lists and such).

Folders in GMail are another trick; I have an entire label devoted to the blog, and then I have sub-labels for sponsored posts, product reviews, blogger collaborations, advertisements/affiliates, etc. This makes keeps my inbox uncluttered and makes searching for past projects a breeze.

Alerts are your friend.

From Shannon
Staying organized can be really difficult when you work a full-time job and also blog full time! My life saver is my iPhone and the reminders you can set. I set reminders for everything: blog post due dates, bills, returning phone calls, picking up dog food– you get the picture. 😉

I also always have my planner on hand for back up. It’s super cute and helps me stay organized– a definite win-win!

Access anywhere.

From Nikki
Google Drive has become my lifeline. I keep an editorial calendar in there, post drafts I am working on, running to do lists, contacts… Basically everything. The best thing is I can access things I need from anywhere: phone, computer, etc. And of course it’s great for collaborating because you can share folders with other users. We use it all of the time for TBC to stay connected and keep current/single versions of documents handy. Google Drive has really become a necessary thing for me!


So what are your favorite organization tools and tips, Team TBC? Share ’em in the comments!


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