TBC Challenge: Get Collaborative

tbc challenge header

Happy March, TBC babes! We hope you’re ready for another challenge. Last month, we asked you to connect with other bloggers. Hopefully you made some solid connections and stepped outside your blogger box to meet some great new blogger pals. This month, we want you to take those connections a step further and collaborate with other bloggers.

Reach out to another blogger and suggest a joint  project: you could host a giveaway, swap recipes and feature them on each other’s blog, showcase how to wear a piece of clothing two different ways, interview each other, host a twitter chat, etc. Get to brainstorming and come up with something fun!

The challenge is just to start the collab; don’t worry about getting it posted + published before March end. Sometimes good things take time!

We know you’re going to come up with some amazing collaborations– and we want to hear about them! Make sure to tag us in your social media posts and use #tbcchallenge so we can share!

Happy collaborating!


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