Get Personal: Why I Blog with Shannon from Upbeat Soles

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shannon from upbeat soles, ambassador for the blogger collectiveHi! My name is Shannon, the girl behind the blog Upbeat Soles. If you check out my blog, there is no question that I am a little fashion obsessed! I’m always planning an outfit, thinking about shopping, or dreaming about shoes. I work in the medical field during the day (where I’m stuck in scrubs), but am definitely fashion-obsessed. So many ideas, a closet filled with clothes, and no where to wear them!

I have always been an avid fashion blog reader: Atlantic Pacific, Happily Grey, Fashion Avenue, to name a few. I contemplated for years on starting my own blog and with the push from my husband, it became a reality. I finally had somewhere to express those fashion juices that had been held in for so long and my closet of unworn clothes from my shopaholic tendencies finally had a purpose!

As I continued to blog, I discovered it no longer became just a little spot for my love of fashion, it also turned into the most wonderful community. When I started Upbeat Soles over a year ago, I had no idea how many amazing people I would meet along the way. The support and love is completely overwhelming! Blogging is not easy, so to have that community of wonderful women behind you really keeps you going.

Why I blog has become so much greater than just my love for fashion, it has also become about the community. I get a lot of questions on why I would use so much of my free time blogging, but honestly– it just makes me happy in so many ways! I get to be creative and create content I am proud of every day, work with amazing brands, and– best of all– be a part of the wonderful blogging community!


Shannon blogs at Upbeat Soles and is an ambassador for The Blogger Collective.


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