TBC Link-up


Remember our Blogger U post on link-ups? We decided to expand on that idea a bit and are excited to bring you the first ever TBC Link-up!
Jenna Alcala Photography Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle shoot
We want you to participate– no matter what kind of blog you run. The theme? Favorite Spring Things. However you want to incorporate spring into your post, go for it–  a favorite spring outfit, a spring recipe, cleaning + organization tips for spring cleaning, your favorite spring-themed DIY, etc.

How It Works

In order to participate, you must email us your post permalink that features your favorite spring thing by Monday, March 23rd. Email: blggrcollective{at}gmail{dot}com.
We will email everyone the list of posts included in the link-up on Wednesday, March 25th. You will drop this list into your favorite spring things post on your blog (ie, you’re editing the post you sent as part of the link-up to include the list). You must include the entire list of link up participants we send in order to participate.
The link-up goes live on The Blogger Collective at 6:00 AM on Friday, March 27th. Your posts with the list of links should also go live at this time. (Note: We would prefer this to be a new post, but if you want to rework a post, please make sure to repost your post on Friday, March 27th).
Now it’s time for the fun: use the link list to hop around from blog to blog, seeing what everyone posted around their favorite spring thing. Comment on new blogs, make new friends, have a good time!
We hope you are as excited as we are about the Spring Things Link-up!

7 thoughts on “TBC Link-up

  1. As far as sending you the permalink prior to the 23rd, does the post have to be live before Friday the 27th? I haven’t done a linkup like this yet, and would love to participate/have a post in mind that I would love to use but it hasnt gone live yet.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    x, Jordan Taylor, petiteMODERN


    1. Hi Jordan, the post could go live on Friday the 27th or before- your choice! You also have the option to write a brand new post themed with your fave spring thing for the link-up, or modify an existing post to fit the link-up. 🙂 Hope this information helps!


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