Blogger U: Ways to Grow Your Blog

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Another Blogger U coming at you: this time we’re diving into how you can grow your blog + your blog’s following. Our ambassador Sarah is taking the reins!

five unique tips for growing your blog

You’ve got the blog, but what about the audience? In my opinion, one of the hardest aspects of blogging is the art of actually growing the blog. You can create the best content in the world, but without an audience to share it with, your hard work may go unnoticed. Here are a few unique tips for growing your blog.

Comment on other blogs.

I recently had an epiphany. My numbers have been slowly trending up month over month, but my comments were virtually null and void. But, I reasoned, if I wasn’t commenting on other blogs, even though I was reading them, why should anyone comment on mine? I started leaving comments and within a couple of weeks, I saw a sharp uptick in the comments on my blog. Nothing earth shattering, but the results were there. It has also been a great way to truly “meet” some of the bloggers I enjoy (because they reply to their comments!).

Ask for opportunities.

Another “thing” I recently started doing is simply asking for opportunities. The worst that could happen is hearing the word ‘no’, right? If there’s a blogger you enjoy reading, ask if she would be interested in guest posting on your blog. They will let their readers know about the guest post and send them your way. If there is a brand or product you want to work with, reach out to them. You get what you give– putting yourself out there isn’t as scary as it sounds!

Look locally.

Perhaps it’s the Charlottesville in me (we do love our local living!), but I love looking locally for content inspiration and potential collaborations. Whether I write about a restaurant I ate at, a shop I love, or a show I went to by one of the many talented local musicians, I find so much inspiration in my community. I tag/mention locals on social media and almost always, they share my posts– local businesses love the free advertisement, too!

Easy on the sponsorships.

Does this perhaps sound counterintuitive? Maybe. One of the quickest ways to get me to stop reading a blog is to consistently write sponsorship posts. People don’t come to your blog to read about the ice cream bars or energy drinks you received compensation to write about. They want to read about you, or your latest outfit, or whatever your blog is primarily about. Sponsored posts are okay and a great way to work with brands + generate revenue, just make sure you keep a healthy mix of original and sponsored content. Otherwise, those sponsorships meant to grow your blog might actually cause your numbers to decline.

Use the trends.

Spend some time in your Google Analytics account (or whatever tool you use to track your blog; check out my intro to Google Analytics right here), and see what posts got the most traction. For instance, my posts on barre bring a lot of traffic to my blog. I don’t write about barre every single day or even every single week, but I do try to incorporate a barre post or two into the rotation every month, as that is content people have come to expect. I’ve also created a page on my blog to hold those posts.

What are your tips for growing your blog?


Sarah blogs at Back Home Blue and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.


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    1. Oh and thank goodness for the analytics plugin..I wasn’t looking forward to posting that tracking code on every page! Whew!


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