TBC Collaborates: Ways to Grow Your Blog

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You’ve got a great blog; you’ve organized yourself with an editorial calendar and are steadily publishing original, solid content. You have your social media accounts in order and are watching those traffic numbers via Google Analytics to see what your readers are enjoying most. But maybe you’ve hit a bit of a wall in terms of growth + followers. What’s a blogger to do? Our ambassadors have a few ideas.


Consider Comments.

From Sarah
Comment on other blogs! It might take a few more minutes out of your day, but it’s such a simple and great way to grow your readership, simply by letting others know you like what they do.

Consider Content.

From Ashley
Deliver more of your most popular content. If you’ve noticed more engagement + traffic after a post on Topic X, consider blogging more about this or turning it into a series. You should also listen to your readers– are they consistently you asking your for a hair tutorial, a detailed DIY you highlighted, or what tools you employ to balance the schedules of your super busy family? Answer them. Your blog may be about you, but you have to listen + respond to your audience’s need if you want them to stick around.

From Rachelle
Grow your blog by working on your content. Content is KING! Without good content, I think everything else is a waste of time. I believe if you consistently deliver great posts, your blog will grow and you will attract readers.

Consider Connecting.

From Angela
Social media is key. It’s important to stay active and connected on the different social media channels, and make sure you’re pinning your own content on a daily basis.

From Nikki
Connecting and getting to know other bloggers is so important. Writing amazing posts is the first step toward establishing yourself as a blogger, but if no one knows you are writing them, how can you grow? Comment on other blogs, follow your fellow bloggers on social media, collaborate, etc.. Having the support of other bloggers is really important for growth.

From Shannon
My tip for growing your blog is to connect, connect, connect! Whether it be with other bloggers through guest posting/collaborating or with your readers though social media– you have to get connected. You can connect by joining link ups, commenting on other blogs, or joining group giveaways. Social media is huge, it is a great way to promote yourself and allow your readers get to know you better!

Another way to grow your blog? Join the TBC Link-up! We are hosting our very first link-up next week and we would love for you to join us.

Want to find out how to join in the fun? This post has all the details. Remember, we will need your link emailed to us by Monday in order to participate!


What is your best tip for growing your blog? Share it in the comments; we want to hear it!


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