Blogger U: Media Kits 101

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Question: do you have media kit for your blog? Do you think having a media kit for your blog is important?

Believe it or not, having an up-to-date media kit is really key if you’re interested in working with brands (this includes both big brands and smaller boutiques alike). Not only is a media kit a snapshot of your blog, it shows you are a professional and that you take your brand seriously. Think of your media kit as your blog resume. You want it to highlight your accomplishments and show your blog’s best side.



Your media kit doesn’t have to be really fancy or super involved, but there are some things you need to include:

An Introduction
Give a little info about your blog– who you are, what your blog is about, maybe a little bit about why you blog and how long you have been blogging, etc. Take this opportunity to showcase what you + your blog are about.

Your Info
Include your URL, your email address, and social media handles

Your Stats
Brands want to know what kind of influence you have and your audience size (this includes site stats and your social media following).

Highlight your strengths here. For example, if you are really active on Facebook and have tons of likes, but never use Twitter is either a newer platform for you or it’s one you don’t use often, don’t mention it. Maybe you’re a Pinterest queen and people re-pin your pins all the time, but Instagram just isn’t your thing. That’s okay! Just share your strong points.

Brands You Have Worked With
It you have worked with a brand(s) before, be sure to include this info. Have you reviewed a makeup product? Did you take part in a brand’s social media campaign to promote a new product line? Maybe you hosted a giveaway with a brand, guest-posted on their blog/took over their Instagram account, or sat on panel of bloggers for a social media event. Mention these things!

It’s okay if you don’t have any experience with brands; you’re growing and if it’s something you want to break into, you’ll get there with a little time and persistence!

Was your recipe featured on a major website? Were you interviewed for an article about your expertise because of your blog? Include these as part of your media kit. Achievements show you are an expert in your field, and brands want to work with experts.

What You Offer
Here is where you include what you are willing to offer brands– product reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts, advertising on your blog, etc. Give enough detail so the brand knows what you are willing (and not willing) to do, but always be open to discussions + further conversations to brainstorm ideas on how to work together.


10 thoughts on “Blogger U: Media Kits 101

    1. I used a template like this for coming up with my media kit and viola it worked with a company and we are collaborating. Thanks for the helpful tips as I didn’t think to add or leave somethings out.


      1. I need to think about rates. What is a typical sponsor posts dollar amount? Do you accept rates alongside a product review? I am just curious. I have read that sometimes it is a penny a word, and sometimes a set amount like $5 for 100 words, etc.


      2. Sponsorship rates depend on your reach as well, Rachel. There isn’t a set amount, but you will need to think about not only the work you put into a post (ie, how much per word, if that’s how you choose to charge) but also how many views you will likely have on the post based on your blog traffic, social media syndication, etc.

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    1. Hi there, while we don’t have an example, think of a media kit like a highlight sheet for your blog. It doesn’t have to be large + span multiple pages (despite the name “kit”), rather, start with a short intro about your blog (what is it about? Who is your audience? What is your goal in regards to what you want to convey to readers?) and your blog’s stats (traffic #’s, social following). Include any relevant brands you may have worked with. Also include the types of posts you’re willing to do in collaboration with a brand (ie, a sponsored post, running a giveaway, accepting items for review on your blog, etc.) and any fees associated with those. 🙂 Good luck!


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