TBC Challenge: Engage Your Audience

tbc challenge header

Welcome to April, TBC babes! We hope you came up with some great collaborations to dig into during March. We can’t wait for you to share them with us in the coming months.

For April, we are shifting the focus from collaborating + connecting with other bloggers to your readers. The challenge: engage more with your audience.
Readers + followers make the blogging world go ’round, so to speak, so show them a little love! Take this opportunity to connect with the people who continually support your blog. Send out at least 5 personalized emails thanking users for their comments, comment back on blogs who comment on your posts, send a thank-you tweet for those who share your content, etc. The point is to dig a little deeper into those blogger + reader connections.

One thought on “TBC Challenge: Engage Your Audience

  1. Great advice! I’ve always commented directly on blogs but that’s such a great idea to send personal emails as well. I feel like I’ve improved my readership a lot this week just connecting with other bloggers via ad swaps and link-ups! xo Lisa


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