Get Personal: Why I Blog with Sarah from Back Home Blue

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sarah from back home blueHey, y’all! I’m Sarah, the girl behind Back Home Blue. On any given day, you might stop by my slice of the internet and find a recipe, a blurb about my life, something barre-related, a DIY project, or even a fashion post. Chances are good I’ll mention coffee and/or wine. My blog is a “lifestyle” blog in every sense of the word– I blog about what strikes my fancy that day, be it a book review or a reflection on Sunday’s church sermon.

My blog has been through a few personalities over the years. As a journalism major at the University of Tennessee (go Vols!) we were encouraged by professors to start a blog. So, I did. I named it “Wears Inappropriate Shoes” because that’s what I did at the time. I was notorious for wearing heels to football games and rubber Old Navy flip flops to class in the pouring rain. The moniker fit my college lifestyle to a ‘T’ and my somewhat sporadic posts were full of things like sorority events, tailgates, and exam drama. I miss those days.

After college, I moved to Nashville to work in the music industry. My college blog didn’t quite fit my “big girl” life anymore, even though I kept my fantastic taste in shoes alive and well, if I do say so myself. I rebranded to “Music City Sarah” and blogged about life in Nashville– the industry events I went to, the stress of being an adult, and all the fun I had trying to figure it out along the way. I loved “Music City Sarah.” It rolled off the tongue.

The decision to move back home after a few years in Nashville brought around Back Home Blue, the moniker you see today, and will likely see for a long time to come (as re-branding is a pain). These days, I blog about the things I know– the highs and lows of being a twenty-something, life in Charlottesville, teaching and taking barre classes, baking, and, of course, my dog, Knox.

I blog because I love to write. When I have free time, that’s what I do by choice: write. I write blog posts. I write stories that may never see the light of day. I write freelance pieces for lifestyle and music outlets. I just write, a lot. And I read. That’s my other love in life (besides my dog)– reading. Reading and writing go hand and hand.

Back Home Blue might make me famous. It probably won’t. Regardless, it’s my outlet. That’s why I blog: to write.


Sarah blogs at Back Home Blue and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.


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