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An exciting part of blogging is working with brands. Whether it’s brands you love and are familiar with or new-to-you brands, it’s a fun process to create a post on a product or company in collaboration with a brand. We’ve gathered a few tips to keep in mind as you expand as a blogger and begin to think about working with brands.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

Brands want to work with blogs that have influence, engaged readers, and a following. That takes a long time to build. Don’t get discouraged if the offers aren’t rolling in just yet. Keep focusing on curating your voice, creating solid content, and engaging with your readers.

Stay true to you.

If a brand approaches you and their pitch doesn’t fit your blog, don’t do say yes just to work with someone. Being authentic is an important piece to being a solid blogger. Your readers can tell if you’re just taking the easy cash/swag grab, so be sure the brands you work with fit your blog’s aesthetic and are on-brand for you in terms of what you like, where you’re going, and what your readers want to see.

Don’t do it for free.

It’s perfectly okay + encouraged to write about a brand/product you genuinely love and want to share with your readers. (This is part of blogging after all- sharing your thoughts + loves!) However, it is another thing to be contacted by a brand or PR company asking you to write about their product/client with the the promise “they might share your post on social media to boost your exposure.”

These “opportunities” aren’t worth your time; rather, they’re a way for a PR company to reach out to a handful of blogs and generate free press for their client. Unless you really feel strongly about the brand/product and just want to help them out, you should be compensated in some way for supporting them.

Be upfront.

Be honest in your post. If you were paid to review a product or something was sent to you for free, make sure you mention the post was sponsored or list item as “℅” (care of Company XY).

Find a good balance.

There’s nothing wrong with working with brands, accepting items to feature on your blog, or writing sponsored content. As long as who you’re working with and what you’re writing about fall in line with your blog’s aesthetic and your audience’s wants, keep on truckin’. But be sure to balance the sponsored stuff with original content.
Your readers started following you for you, and while it’s nice to begin movin’ on up and getting a few perks here and there, you have to stay true to the people who helped you get to a place where brands were interested in working with you. It’s a team effort! Consider lobbying for a brand to sponsor a giveaway in addition to just a product review or sending you a product for free. This gives your readers a chance to reap the benefits of your brand collaborations, also.

4 thoughts on “Blogger U: Working with Brands

  1. These are great tips! I especially like the one about staying true to yourself and your brand. It’s exciting to get asked by a brand to work with them, but I’m still fairly new and I am really picky about who I work with and make sure that they align with my brand, style and my reader’s.



  2. Great advice about staying true to yourself, I don’t accept working with some brands if it isn’t truly something I’d use in my every day life or it doesn’t suit my personal style. It’s okay to say no at times rather than be unauthentic.


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