Get Personal: Why I Blog with Rachelle from PinkSole

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rachelle from pinksole, ambassador for the blogger collectiveHi guys! I’m Rachelle from PinkSole and today I will be sharing with you why I blog.

Honestly, when I first started blogging I had no idea what it entailed, I just loved fashion and figured it would be a fun hobby to have. Blogging is still a hobby for me– and so much more.

From emails I’ve gotten, I was very happy to learn I could represent a positive body image to several women. Through my blog I want to not only share my passion for fashion, but also to make my readers (who are 99% female) realize you don’t have to wait to have the perfect everything to be happy and confident. Life is not always perfect– far from it– but my blog is a fun and positive space where I get to interact with like-minded women.

One thing that surprises me the most about blogging is all the wonderful friendships I’ve made, so from that I want everyone to take that being true to yourself is a must both in life and in blogging. That attitude will not only bring the right people, but also the right opportunities.


Rachelle blogs at PinkSole and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.


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