TBC Collaborates: Time Management Tips

tbc collaborates header Hey, we’re all busy balancing a million things. Work, play, significant others, family, social lives, extra projects– and oh yeah, running really cool blogs on the side. To do it all, you’ve gotta master time management. We polled our ambassadors to get their tips.


From Sarah
I live by my planner. Right now, I’m using a Whitney English Day Designer and I love it. I’m someone who needs to have my plan mapped out and laid in front of me. I’m not as good as I would like to be about planning out an editorial calendar for my blog, but at work, I use Google Calendar for our editorial calendar since its shareable and people can collaborate. I use WordPress, so it’s super easy to schedule out posts there. I don’t schedule my social media often, but when I do, I use either Buffer or Tweetdeck. When I have a bigger project on tap, I find the absolute due date and then back plan major milestones. For instance, if I’m launching a new website, I have the go-live date first, and then plan back from there: we need all the content by this date and all the photos by this date, etc. I work well with due dates, so that helps me tremendously.

From Rachelle
Managing my time is always a hassle, but over time I have created a method. Every week I make a list of blogging tasks; this list contains everything I want to accomplish this particular week and I make sure to check everything off by the end of the week. I snap a selfie of my outfit every day and I shoot my top 6 on Saturdays. Saturday afternoon I am often editing pics and adding titles to my pictures. If I have no plans that night, I tend to stay up late and get all my post together (add pics, post titles, and adding links to what I’m wearing). On Sundays, I finish up everything that wasn’t done the previous day. I also have a blog planner where I jot down ideas and plan out what I want to post and when I want to post it. Since I get a lot done during the weekend, during the week I will add text to my posts and start planning for the next couple of weeks. That way if I get sick or something comes up, I have the bulk of the work done for the next few weeks. I don’t really use any other tools other than my blog planner I got at Target.

From Angela
Time management is key with blogging and working full time. I schedule my time and keep track of everything using my Emily Ley planner. When it comes to blogging, on Sundays I sit down and write all of my posts for the week. I don’t have enough time during the week to write, so it has to get gone on Sunday! Then during the week the only thing I have to focus on is blocking out time to comment on blogs and respond to emails. The last thing that I do (which helps a lot), is I take my outfit pictures in bulk with a photographer. I take pictures of 10 outfits at a time which has helped out so much!

From Shannon
Time management is one thing I could definitely work on improving! I have always been a procrastinator so I don’t usually write my blog posts until the night before– unless I have something planned and need to get ahead. It can get really tough balance work with blogging, so nights are the only time I am able to squeeze in blog duties– with the exception of shooting outfit posts on Sundays. I try to disconnect as much as possible over the weekend to keep my sanity!

From Nikki
Time management is so hard! With so many things going on, it can be really difficult to keep it all straight. I am a crazy list-maker, and I am obsessed with my Whitney English planner. I use a different color for each activity for easy-referencing, and make extensive to-do lists.

Also, I try to do as much in advance as I can– shoot multiple outfits, plan ahead on posts. Ideally I would like to be able to get my posts for the week written on the weekend, so I have the weeknights to read blogs + comment, but that generally doesn’t happen. It is a balancing act!

From Ashley
I balance the blog with a full-time content strategy job + freelance work, so managing my time is the key to keep my life in order (and me from going insane). I typically shoot on Friday evenings (good light!) or Saturday mornings, attempting to capture 2-4 outfits. I chunk out some time on Saturdays and Sundays to edit photos and write the posts around them. By weekend’s end, I have both posts done + ready for publish for the upcoming week. The night before a post goes live, I’ll edit some of the high-res photos for my Instagram, schedule a few promo tweets around each post (lest I forget the day-of), and do a thorough proofread (re-read the content to ensure it’s concise + free of typos, check to be sure links are still working, etc.). This routine allows me the freedom during the week to comment back, work on overflow projects from my 9-5, and tackle freelance content strategy work. By having set days for blog-related activities, I know what to expect + can mitigate getting overwhelmed.

What are your tips for time management?


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