TBC Challenge: Media Kits

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Welcome to June, TBC babes! Can you believe we’re so close to summer?

We hope you enjoyed our May challenge and took some time to revisit the goals you set for yourself + your blog. Remember, this is something you should do often. Revisiting + revising is key to success.
Are you ready to take our June challenge?
We posted a Blogger U in March covering the basics of media kits: what they are, why they’re important, and how to create one. So this month we want you to put some effort into… Wait for it… Your blog’s media kit!
If you don’t have a media kit, then take this time to start one. (Good starting place: revisit our Blogger U post for help.) You could also partner up with a fellow TBC member or blogging pal and ask them review your media kit. Do they have any questions after reading it? Is anything unclear or confusing? Do they have any suggestions on information they want to see in the kit you didn’t include?
If you do have a media kit, take this month to tweak it. Update you social and traffic stats, brands you’ve recently worked with or noteworthy projects you want to highlight, etc. You may even decide you want to completely overhaul your media kit- go for it!

Let us know how you’re doing + if you’re participating on Twitter with the #tbcchallenge hashtag. And definitely tweet us if you have a question- we’re here to help!

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