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It is officially summer time, and that means lots of travel! Today, Jordan from petiteMODERN is sharing her top 10 travel essentials.


Whether traveling for work or pleasure, packing your bags and navigating the airports can be no easy feat. Sometimes I have a hard time pairing down my entire closet and my makeup/beauty bags without feeling like I left something behind. This week I am headed to our Tampa office to talk about an exciting upcoming project. I have found that when I am traveling for work, it is a little bit more overwhelming than when I am on my own time and headed out of town for just a little R&R.

Either way, traveling can be a pain, that is why I compiled a list of my top 10 travel essentials to make any trip stress-free!

1. Reading Material
Whether it’s getting to the airport early or getting stuck in traffic on your way to the hotel, a simple way to occupy downtime is to bring along a magazine or two to flip through. Grab one before you head out the door so you aren’t overpaying at your airport’s Hudson News.

2. Product Minis
From travel-sized shampoo/conditioner duo’s to your favorite fragrance roller balls, don’t forget to pack some product minis with you on your trip! This is a great way to make it past TSA in style, while not compromising your beauty routine while relying on hotel toiletries. I love using my makeup minis and duos from Birchbox, but both Target and Sephora have great mini sections to shop before hitting the road.

3. Chewing Gum
Besides the minty fresh obviousness, this one is an essential for me while up in the air to help pop my ears… and just in case I fall asleep, head back/catching flies, at least my breath smells great!

4. Jewelry Organizer
There is nothing worse than getting to your final destination only to find your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings have all decided to join forces and become one large super-accessory! Keep your pieces organized and together-yet-separate with a great little jewelry clutch like this similar one from Stella and Dot.

5. Portable Charger
Keep your phone full of juice by stashing one of these great portable chargers into your bag for an extra battery’s worth of power. Sometimes checking your flight status/checking in with family and friends once you land/requesting an Uber can really put a dent in your battery life and the day has barely started! Just plug your phone into this guy and let it charge while you conquer your travels.

6. Laptop
Whether it be my personal Mac or my chunky PC for work, having a computer on the go is a great essential. Sometimes vacations call for a little tech-break, but sometimes having a place to dump my memory card or upload a new playlist to my phone is an absolute necessity! For work, however…bringing my laptop is obvious.

7. Crossbody Bag
As if getting your heavy carry-on into/out of the overhead compartment isn’t enough, you then have to lug it around the airport, into/out of a cab, and up to a hotel room. Packing a light cross body bag is a must have for me since my body is exhausted by the time I need to head out again. Pre-packing a small bag full of your essentials to tuck into the top of your carry-on makes it easy to reach your ID, lip balm, earbuds, and gum– all without exceeding your 2-bag carry-on limit! Try investing in a small bag like this one by Kate Spade!

8. Super Hydrating Moisturizer
This one is pretty important. Making sure that you have a product on hand to combat the recycled-air on the airplane and to help you rehydrate your skin overnight after you arrive is essential! I love this one by Dr Jart.

9. Your Phone
Don’t forget to pre-load all of your travel information onto this bad boy! From your boarding passes (most airlines are using the iOS app Passbook) to your hotel reservation, make sure you have everything handy and in one place so they are easy to get to when you get to your final destination.

10. Cash
This one may be the most obvious of them all, but you need cash to tip your driver, the bellmen, etc. Grab a few bucks before you leave, and make sure you have a variety of bills so you aren’t constantly asking everyone to make change.


Thanks so much to Jordan! Everyone swing by petiteMODERN and drop her a comment!


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