TBC Challenge: Grow on Social Media

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Happy July TBC babes! Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend!

New month = new challenge! Are you ready?

We have talked about the importance of social media– you need to be active on at least one platform. For the July challenge, we’re asking you to go beyond that.

social media challenge

We want you to pick one platform– Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whichever is your fave– and really focus on it. Set a goal for yourself for the month. Perhaps you want to learn + master a totally new social media platform, or maybe you want to grow a current account by a certain percentage or number of followers. Maybe you’re looking to boost the interactions you have with followers on a certain account, or perhaps it’s more about upping the quality of content you post. You have a lot of options; the point is to improve your social media presence.

Be more conscious of your social media usage. Take some time to look at what you are posting, when you are posting, the kinds of responses you are getting to different types of content. Check out your stats to see what is going on. Really delve in to those numbers! See if you can spot patterns (maybe you get more Instagram likes when you a) post in the early morning and b) post a certain type of picture) and use those patterns to leverage your social presence.

Good luck! Let us know what platform you are focusing on in the comments or on Twitter. We want to hear about your goals + progress!


4 thoughts on “TBC Challenge: Grow on Social Media

  1. This is a great challenge! For me, I’m working on improving my presence and growing my following on Instagram.
    For anyone else who may be looking to do the same, I really recommend this app I just discovered, called “Followers +.” It provides great data such as your average likes per photo, which users are not following you back, and who is following you that you are not following in return. It’s very helpful!


  2. Hi! Great challenge!

    Would you guys be able to explain how to leave a comment on a post with a pretty little link to your blog? I always just write my blog name out http:// etc. but that’s not very aesthetically appealing! I’d rather the blog name just be a link. Thanks!


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