TBC Collaborates: Biggest Blogging Blunder

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We all make mistakes– we’re human, after all. Blogging is no exception; mistakes happen here, too! The ambassadors of The Blogger Collective have collaborated again to share some of our biggest blogging mistakes thus far. Maybe you can learn from our moments of “oops!” and avoid making the same mistakes we did.


From Angela
One of my blogging mistakes was letting a negative comment get to me. I remember a couple years ago, I got my first negative comment. This of course made me angry, and I decided I needed to respond to the comment. It’s important to realize that while everyone has their own opinion, you should ignore the negative ones and not let it get to you.

From Rachelle
My biggest blogging mistake so far was to try and blog every single day, or 5 times a week. It was really hard for me to keep up with that; once I reduced my number of posts per week I enjoyed blogging a lot more and got extra time to focus on the quality on my posts. It’s all about balance!

From Sarah
I would say the biggest blogging blunder I have made is not having a plan. My blog has been around for years, but for a long (long) time it was just me popping in when I felt like it and writing a few paragraphs about my latest college excursion– usually a football game or a sorority function. Sometimes, I feel frustrated that I have years of this type of content and I didn’t use it. I’ve been working more and more to have a real blogging plan now, which includes an editorial calendar and using WordPress to the fullest of its capabilities. I’m also experimenting with ways to re-purpose that old content!

From Ashley
My biggest mistake? Not having a media kit that outlined my sponsored content policy before starting to work with brands. This meant when a brand went shifty on me (asking me to compromise my content and deliberately mislead my readers), I had to end the relationship and fully refund the sponsorship fee. All that work I did on the post that never saw the light of day? Uncompensated. Now a small portion of my sponsorship fee is non-refundable, so if a brand wants to get shady, they’re going to pay for it. Never mishandle the trust your readers have in you; it’s not worth it!

From Nikki
SO many mistakes, it is hard to pick just one. I think not making my blog more like a business earlier on would be my biggest mistake. But, I was just learning, so how was I to know? If you want your blog to really grow, you have to treat it more like a business, and I absolutely didn’t do that.

From Shannon
One mistake I always make is not responding to emails in a timely manner– and then they get lost in the sea of emails! I have missed out on some great collaborations with not being on top of emails! I have since then made an email folder that “Need to be responded to” so I can stay organized and not make those mistakes again!


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