Blogger Chat: Grace from The Stripe


Welcome to another Blogger Chat! We are so excited to welcome Grace from The Stripe!

grace at the stripe
Photo By Lydia Hudgens

Grace began her blog (formerly Stripes and Sequins) in 2010. She lives in NYC with her cat, Tyrion, and loves stripes, wine + cheese, and bright lipstick.

Q. What is your biggest top blogging tip? The best tip you can give your fellow bloggers that has made your life easier, your blog more successful, or you a better blogger?

A. My biggest tip is to create content that is going to be useful for your readers. I know this probably sounds very intuitive, but for every post (even if it’s just an outfit) I always try to include something that will be interesting and actually helpful to my readers. Maybe it’s a styling tip, a how-to, an insider tip I got from one of my girlfriends, or even a new restaurant recommendation… but I try to always infuse helpful tips + tricks into every post.

Q. What is your favorite form of social media and why?

A. Right now, it’s actually snapchat! (I’m grace.atwood) I love Instagram, but it’s gotten so perfect. Snapchat is a fun way to show a behind the scenes look at what’s actually going on, and there’s less pressure to make it perfect and pretty.

Q. How do you stay organized? Either in life or specifically as it relates to blogging, what are some tricks, methods, tools, and/or apps that keep you on top of things?

A. Google Docs! I have a fairly comprehensive editorial calendar I rely on for all of my posts + social content. Also Dropbox. I have multiple computers (a laptop + a desktop, and a computer for my day job. Dropbox lets me access everything easily from each computer. And last but not least, I’ve been using Latergramme to schedule my Instagrams.

Q. What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired, or when you’re suffering from writer’s block?

A. I get outside! But to combat that, I keep an ongoing list of things I want to write about so I always have an idea for the next day’s post.

Q. What advice can you give about growing your blog + following? How did you curate your audience, and what are the best tips you can give bloggers who are looking to grow?

A.  Everyone always asks me that, and I think it’s getting harder and harder as the market gets more and more saturated– there are so many blogs out there! I think I’m really lucky as I started five years ago– it was much easier back then. Right now I’m really hyper-focused on growing my Instagram, and to do so I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my Instagram analytics (use Iconosquare!) to see when the best times are to post to maximize engagement. But in general, I think it’s important to find a way to stand out, to create content that is both beautiful and useful, and to always put your readers first. Respond to all questions, answer your emails on a timely basis, and listen to your readers’ recommendations… it goes a long way!


Thanks so much to Grace for taking the time to talk with us!


4 thoughts on “Blogger Chat: Grace from The Stripe

  1. Great chat Grace! I agree with you that Instagram has gotten a little too “perfect,” although it is still a great and important social media tool. I’m interested to get more involved in using Snap Chat because of your suggestion. Thanks!


  2. I ABSOLUTELY agree with Grace on SnapChat – I stopped using Instagram as much because it felt like a lot of pressure to have the perfect photo, perfect edits and have it “match” my feed. SnapChat is super fun, a great way to get to know more about people (I love video snaps) and it is absolutely my favorite SM right now!


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