Blogger U: Increase Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

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Curious on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? You’re in luck; we’re covering just that in today’s Blogger U thanks to Amanda of Meet At The Barre.


Since I have switched over to WordPress, I have installed the Google Analytics plugin as well as Jetpack. This means I can pretty much track every single page click to and from my site. I can see which bloggers and sites refer the most traffic back to my blog. What did I learn? About half my traffic comes from Pinterest. Not Facebook or Twitter, but Pinterest.

I was also able to drill down and find out which posts were most popular via Pinterest. I started to investigate these top pins to try and find out why the posts were so successful. And now I’m sharing this with you!

1. Pin: How to Travel to Chicago on a Budget

Original post here and pin here.


2. Pin: How to Look Good in Pictures

Here is the original post and pin here.


3. Pin: Makeup Comparison

Here is the original post.  I can’t find the original traffic feed pin, but recent here.


4. Pin: Trader Joe’s Shopping Guide

Here is the original post and pin here.


Top Reasons Why These Are Pinned the Most

People love to get information about cities and destinations they are traveling to. If you have been there, especially if you have gone multiple times, then you are the expert. Treat yourself like that. People want your expertise on the matter. This pin was about affordable travel– because who doesn’t like to save some bucks? If you live in a city that a lot of people frequent, then play tourist in your own city and write your expert/insiders opinion about it! That is guaranteed to spark some interest.

How-to Pins
I remember this post took me an entire day to write, but in the end it was worth it. Once again: be the expert. I can’t tell you how many people have told me this was such an eye-opening read. I even had one of my fabulous barre instructors tell me she read it before our professional photo sessions at the studio. Plus it has lots of visuals.  People like examples!

Comparison Posts
Save vs. splurge. This brand vs. this brand. People want to know which product wins out. This post was just as eye-opening for me to write as it was to read. I wanted to compare two similar brands and see which came out on top. I still have daily traffic from Google and Pinterest from this pin/post.

Name Drop
Everyone loves Trader Joe’s. I wrote the post because every single time I read a Trader Joe’s post about their best products, I could never find them in the store.  I wanted to be as specific as possible as I wrote this post: find these chips in the freezer section on the shelf with the dry goods above the frozen chicken burgers. Ahhhhh, yahtzee there they are! (Now tell me why blue chips are in the freezer section?) This one has been pinned a lot. When in doubt, go for that brand recognition.

Make Them Pretty
Everyone loves eye-catching pins. I find posts with brighter colors or standout picture captions are the posts that get uploaded to Pinterest the most.

Tip: If you’re going to take the time to upload your step-by-step recipes, you might as well add a pretty title on one so it’s more readily-pinned.

Another takeaway point: make sure you have eye-catching initial pictures that are taller than they are wider. I have been using Canva to make professional-looking pictures and recently stumbled on befunky for collages and editing. Both are on heavy rotation!

Also helpful: make sure your it’s easy to pin your pictures from your blog! For example, you can pin each picture directly from my post and can also find a pin link at the bottom of the post. Make it easy for your readers to save your stuff!


Amanda is the blogger behind Meet At The Barre and a member of The Blogger Collective.


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