TBC Challenge: Think Outside the Box

tbc challenge header

Welcome to August! You know what that means: time for a new TBC challenge.This month we’re challenging you think outside the box. What exactly do we mean by that? We want you to pick a goal (and get creative) and run with it; something outside of your comfort zone.

augustchallengeJust a few suggestions to get you thinking:

If you write about fashion but don’t share personal style pictures, maybe you give it a shot this month. Try a few outfit of the day shots as mini-posts, or incorporate those on your Instagram. If you’ve got the personal photo thing down, maybe you try a trend you’ve been a little unsure of, or hit up a new location to shake up the look and feel of your blog posts.

If you’re a food blogger, why don’t you use an ingredient that is really different or not used much? Or try out a type of recipe/cuisine you’re not familiar with.

For those lifestyle bloggers, how about launching a new series on something you haven’t touched on before? Think about the types of conversations you have with close friends and family; what do they look to you for? Advice? Humor? Travel recs? Ways to relax and unwind? Use those conversations as fuel for your blog.

Did you go on a fun summer vacation? Think about a travel guide post for the city/location you visited.
Have fun with this challenge– allow this to be a really creative opportunity! It doesn’t really matter what you choose, as long as it’s something fresh + maybe just a little uncomfortable (at first!) to tackle. Don’t worry– those are the best situations to grow from!
Good luck!

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