Get Personal: Why I Blog with Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge

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Ashley from le stylo rouge, co-founder of the blogger collectiveHi there, fellow blogger babes. It’s my turn to talk to you about why I blog– important, because it’s key for blogging to mean something (whatever that may be) to all of us in order to keep it a productive, fun endeavor. Not just an exercise in wheel-spinning. Bonus: we can relate to each other, which is an essential part of what The Blogger Collective is all about.

I was an English major in college, and before that, one of those dweebs who had always a draft of The Next Great American Novel saved in a folder on her computer. I always had a story in my head, and later spun that into a pretty lucrative editing business for my high school + college pals who just couldn’t grasp verb agreement.

I graduated college, where that English degree translated into a web editor and then content strategy role (my current 9 to 5). The application was there, but the creativity + self-expression wasn’t. I needed something a bit more, a bit different.

My love for fashion prompted the idea to start a blog about six years ago. I was always spouting fashion advice to anyone who’d listen anyway, so why not start a blog? (There was also some prodding + gentle bullying by my boss, who claimed I needed to publish my fashion-related opinions.) And now here we are.

The journey has been transformative and really fun– from blogging in a bit of a vacuum, where my only traffic came from my mother kindly pity-refreshing my site; to today, when I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with so many different bloggers + brands. Le Stylo Rouge is all mine; this little corner of the fashion-related web where I can wear whatever, say whatever, and see what people think.

Another reason I blog? People like you. The community we’ve created here at The Blogger Collective is important to me (and to my founding pal, Nikki of The Fashionable Wife). We had a vision for a blogger group that would not only bridge connections, but also provide education + helpful information to assist in the growth and development of blogging as a craft. In short, we wanted to help provide the tools to make you the best blogger you can be. (How are we doing, btw?)


Ashley blogs at Le Stylo Rouge and is a co-founder of The Blogger Collective.


4 thoughts on “Get Personal: Why I Blog with Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I constantly find myself trying to answer the question of “why are you doing this” and I don’t think my story is as compelling as yours but still I feel compelled to keep doing it because of the connections I’ve made and the future connections I will make. Thanks again for sharing and building a site like TBC!



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