Blogger U: Buying Your Domain

blogger u header

At some point or another, you start to consider buying your domain. For me, I wanted to because it looked better than with address. Pure vanity is the reason I bought mine.

But what are the real benefits? Here are 4 reasons you should buy your own domain.

1. It looks more professional.

If you want to take your blog to the next level, buying your domain is a good investment. It shows brands and readers you take your blog seriously and are willing to put a little bit of money into it.

2. It gives you an SEO boost.

Your page will be ranked higher in searches via Google, Bing, etc., with a .com than with a or a URL. Better search results means more traffic to your blog.

3. It gives you true ownership of your content.

Even though you own the blog, you don’t really own the content when you’re on someone else’s platform. Legally + technically, WordPress or Blogger can take your blog offline at anytime. Buying your own domain is the best way to protect and truly own your content.

4. It increases your earning potential.

Your earning potential goes up when you buy your own domain. You will be allowed to take advertisements (while you technically cannot when on WordPress or Blogger). Combined with a more professional URL, you’re also more attractive to advertisers.
Have you bought your own domain? We want to hear about your experience in the comments!

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