TBC Challenge: Start Something New

tbc challenge header

Happy September everyone! Another new month! What happened to summer?

New month = new challenge! Are you ready?

We are challenging to start a new feature– whether it’s on your blog, via social media, or through email.

A few ideas to get you thinking:

1.  Start a new blog feature

Venture into a new area + cover it on your blog via a recurring feature or series. Style bloggers can incorporate beauty into their blogs or try charting monthly clothing-related budgets. Lifestyle bloggers could add a DIY feature to the mix, while food bloggers could venture into a type of genre they don’t normally cook/bake. You could also collaborate with another blogger to launch a series– double the creativity and the traffic.

2. Try a Twitter chat/Q&A session

Maybe you tackle a monthly twitter chat where you + your readers meet up and discuss a relevant blog topic. We suggest picking a theme for the chat, so think recipe swaps + meal planning if you run a food blog or fall fashion ideas if  you’re a style blogger.

3. Follow Friday

Everyone loves a shout out. Maybe try incorporating a list of bloggers/blog posts you loved that week as a new feature, either on your blog or on social media. Curate a list of relevant articles + bloggers for your readers to expose them to new content and talent, while also enhancing your blog.

4. Invite a guest columnist

You don’t have to do all the work! See if another blogger would be interested in writing a monthly guest post for you as a new feature. You could also rotate columnists for different subjects and topics.

5. Hashtag

Pick a new hashtag and stick with it. A new hashtag can be a fun way to introduce new ideas to your social media. Are you totally into food but never instagram about it? Try a new hashtag like #TBCeats.


We can’t wait to hear all about your new features. Let us know in the comments below or on social media; we’re here to listen. Make sure to use #thebloggercollective and #tbcchallenge.


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