Blogger Chat: Jessie of Style and Pepper


Welcome to another edition of Blogger Chat! Today, we are excited to have Jessie from Style and Pepper talk to us!


Jessie started Style and Pepper (formerly The Concrete Catwalk) in 2009 as a place where she could share her own personal style, DIY projects, healthy cooking, adventures as a style expert, and more

Q. What is your biggest top blogging tip? The best tip you can give your fellow bloggers that has made your life easier, your blog more successful, or you a better blogger?

A. My best tip would be to always plan ahead. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a post the night before I wanted to share– thinking that it would be done in a jiff– only to realize it would mean sacrificing an entire night’s sleep if I wanted to have something passable for the next day. Having a back up plan, or keeping ahead of an editorial calendar is always a good idea to avoid these moments, and even after typing that answer, I’m realizing I’m still on my way to actually following this bit of advice.

Q. What is your favorite form of social media and why?

A. I know Instagram is everyone’s fan favorite at the moment (and I love it too!), but I will ALWAYS love twitter. I love it so much that I have two accounts! One of my most frequently requested topics when I speak at conferences and events is social media, and I’ve developed an entire program around why and how to use twitter the same way that you would approach hosting a fabulous dinner party. 😉  

Q. How do you stay organized? Either in life or specifically as it relates to blogging, what are some tricks, methods, tools, and/or apps that keep you on top of things?

A. Oh my word, I am such a sucker for productivity apps and resources that it would take me DAYS to answer this one! My handy resource guide is probably the best place to start, and that’s where I keep a list of all my favorite tools for living a happy, healthy + flavorful life!

Q. What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired, or when you’re suffering from writer’s block?

A. I have a sunny little spot in our living room that always seems to provide a mental reset, and this is where most of my best work is done. I try to begin by listening to my heart (a constant theme in my Pepperologie approach!), and after being still for a few moments and completing  my various writing exercises, it seems to help with pulling words together for any projects I might be working on.

Q. What advice can you give about growing your blog + following? How did you curate your audience, and what are the best tips you can give bloggers looking to grow?

A. I always tell fellow influencers the key to expanding your reach is to learn how to know and serve your audience better. Approaching the goal with a generous mindset is key, and I cover this topic extensively in my course, Know + Grow Your Audience


Thanks so much to Jessie for taking the time to talk to us!


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