TBC Collaborates: Favorite App

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Apps makes the world go round these days. We’ve covered several rounds of apps that make our blogging lives easier (check out the Blogger U 101 and 201 posts to catch up!), but we wanted to poll the ambassadors and see what apps they’re loving that aren’t necessarily related to blogging.


From Sarah
I love SWORKIT. It’s a workout app that lets you put in what sort of workout you want and how much time you want to workout for. It then prompts you with cues as you go throughout the workout. I love it for days I can’t get to the barre studio or gym, but still want to do a 30-minute workout in my living room.

From Rachelle
One of the apps I use daily is PS Express. It’s a reduced version of Photoshop great for editing photos. It has a few filters you can easily manipulate and it comes with extra settings to adjust and alter every aspect of your pic. There’s a paid version of it, also, but I do pretty well with the free version.

From Nikki
This is probably lame, but my favorite app is Pinterest. I just can’t help it. It’s my go-to for inspiration; it gets my brain going. I can get outfit ideas, recipes for dinner, workouts, and motivational quotes all in one place.

From Ashley
So I’m really into Tinder… Kidding.

I’m loving the HauteLook app right now. If you haven’t heard of HauteLook, it’s the app version of the flash sale site and is a great way to score fave brands + discover new brands on the cheap. The app version is super simple and streamlined. You can purchase directly from your phone or tablet; I’ve been guilty of being in a really boring meeting or webinar at work and using the app to score a few pieces when the sale goes live. (Oops!)

From Shannon
My favorite app lately is a new fashion app called Donde Fashion. It’s fun for girls who love fashion and online shopping! Very similar to Polyvore; it makes shopping easy! You can search for a certain item (let’s say a dress), then narrow it down by color, length, neckline, pattern, etc.

You can also make a wish list and get notifications when things on that list go on sale. I like to follow my friends to see what they’re adding to their wish lists + tag them on items I think they’d love. Definitely makes the online shopping experience fun! Check it out and follow me at @ShannonJenkins!

From Angela
My favorite app is Shopular. You add your favorite stores to the app and it notifies you of the different sales that are going on. It also keeps track of coupons so you don’t have to carry them around with you! You just pull up the bar code via the app when you’re at the store. It’s definitely a lifesaver whenever I’m out shopping!

From Laurel
I love VSCOcam. It’s by far my favorite photo editing app. The options you have as far as editing pictures are almost endless. This app can turn a mediocre photo into a social media superstar!


What do you think, TBC babes? Have you used any of the apps our ambassadors mentioned above? What is your favorite app? Let us know in the comments!


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