Blogger U: Social Media 201

Hi TBC, Rachelle from PinkSole coming to you with a follow-up of the very first Social Media 101 Blogger U Series. I’m sure you’re all aware of Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Nikki gave some awesome tips and tricks on how to navigate these channels. I wanted to chime in and add some additional ones:

1. Take the time (maybe once a week) to plan social media posts. I use Hootsuite for Twitter and Latergramme for Instagram. That way your social promo is planned and well thought out (rather than written on the fly). This is also a great way to experiment with posting at different times on different channels to see where you get the most engagement.

2. Tag the brands you are wearing in your social posts. This is a great way to connect and get noticed. If your post is attractive, you just might get a repost or a shoutout from the brand, and that’s the start to building a relationship with them + getting more exposure from their audience.

3. Don’t be redundant. Avoid posting the same thing over and over, with the same photo and the same message. Mix it up! If you don’t post daily, try to share detail shots of an outfit or recipe rather than the full shot, or share something else relevant to your content. (I personally don’t post daily; quality over quantity.)

4. Tag your posts accordingly. I’m sure this has been said before, but it’s worth saying again. Find the hashtags that make sense with the brands you’re wearing/featuring in the posts and use them. You can also get into relevant tag streams of audiences you’re trying to infiltrate: such as the #fbloggers tag for fashion bloggers, #bbloggers for beauty bloggers, etc.

5. Keep it coherent. While it’s fun to be impulsive, having a cohesive feed (especially on Instagram) seems to be more attractive to followers. For example, try to edit pictures cohesively by using the same techniques and filters, no matter the photo.

Now let’s talk about a new + hot social media platform, and one I personally love. Snapchat! In my opinion, it’s the best and easiest way to give your readers a behind the scene look at what you’re up to. You can create stories on Snapchat made of videos and pictures; each one stays up for 24 hours. You cannot submit links to Snapchat (just like on Instagram).

Snapchat is also a great way to show your personality. I share many other aspects of my life outside the blog, such as cooking, my workouts, a new purchase, my latest favorite song, my frustration with traffic, or just me goofing off. I don’t share my blog posts on Snapchat, but I know several bloggers that does and I think it’s perfectly okay. I prefer to give a sneak peak as I am editing pictures. Snapchat isn’t as formal as other platforms, so no need to stylize a pic or video– just go with it and keep it real.

Here are a few snaps that I’ve shared:

snapchat examples from pinksole
Hope this post was helpful! Get out there and follow your blogger friends. Social media is about being social!
Rachelle blogs at PinkSole and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.

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