TBC Challenge: Brainstorm

Happy Friday! It’s time for the October challenge– get ready to put those thinking caps on.


We all know blogging can be hard + there are times when the creative juices just don’t flow. You’re stuck, in a rut, and are hard-pressed to come up with anything new and fresh for your blog.

We want to help! This month, we’re challenging you to hone your brainstorming skills and get to logging lists of content you’d like to work on. Block out some time to just think and dump out any + all ideas that pop into your head. Come up with a list of prompts to inspire you during those times when you need a little help in the idea category.

What inspires you? What have you been wanting to try on your blog, but haven’t had time to really sketch out the plan? What do you admire about other blogs that spark ideas of how you could create something similar for your audience? These could be reoccurring topics (maybe a favorite recipe you’ve made lately), or a one-time topic (how you met your significant other). They could be personal stories, behind the scenes type info, how-to tips, etc.

We suggest you take on this challenge on a super creative day, when you have lots of ideas. (This will help you later, when you reference this list on a not-so-creative day.) Consider keeping a running list in your phone and/or in your planner, so when some ideas come to you on the fly, you can add them to your list right then + there.

Happy brainstorming!


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