Blogger U: VSCOcam Part 1

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If you haven’t been using VSCOcam (Apple download; Android download), you are definitely missing out in the picture editing arena. VSCOcam is a great for doing a lot of editing in one little app (way more options than just the standard Instagram editing tools).

Today’s part 1 on VSCOcam is going to break down how to use it and a few of the best editing tools within the app. Note: This is written based on the latest update (Version 4.3.5) so make sure your app is updated before your read any further.

When you open the app, you have a home screen with your user name, Explore, Library, Shop, and then a box in the bottom left (its for the camera). On the right is your Library.

blogger u vscocam 1

To start editing a new picture, choose Library. The plus sign at the top is where you go to import your picture. You will get a grid of all of the pictures in your camera roll; choose one to edit. (FYI, since the new update, you can only deal with one picture at a time.) Then hit the two bars in the bottom left corner to begin editing your photo.

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Your picture will open up big, and the filters will open. I like to start editing first, then do a filter. So, click the arrow at the bottom and choose the wrench.
The editing tools will open, and there are lots of options. The main tools are (from left to right) :
  • Exposure (the sun)
  • Temperature (thermometer)
  • Contrast (circle with half shaded)
  • Adjust/Straightening (square with arrows circling it)
  • Crop
  • Saturation (the square with the gradient – 6th tool)
  • Vingette (rectangle with oval inside)
  • Tint (eyedropper)

The good thing about the tools is when you choose one, you can go from -6 to +6 in degrees of editing. So for exposure, you can do -6 for super dark all the way to +6 for super light.

blogger u vscocam 2

Once you edit the picture, you can go back and play with the filters (which also have degrees of intensity). Just hit the arrow at the bottom again and click the paintbrush and you’re back to the filter options.

blogger u vscocam 3

VSCOCam takes a little getting used to, and a lot of playing around until you get your picture the way you want it, but a mediocre picture turned fabulous is well worth the effort!

One of our social media idols, Hilary Rushford, recommends it’s not a bad idea to create a sort of formula (example: up the brightness, lower the contrast, and stick to using just 2 or 3 of the lovely filters) so your photos begin to have a look or a general theme.

Once your editing is fully finished, hit the arrow at the very bottom of your screen once more, then hit the checkmark in the bottom right corner. It’ll take you back to your library. To save your newly edited photo to your Camera Roll, hit the dotted circle at the bottom right and choose to save it to your Camera Roll or another folder in your gallery. You also have the option to load directly to Facebook, Instagram, etc. via the Share option. I always like to save my pretty new photo to my camera roll first, though, so I can use it for other purposes than just social media if need be!

blogger u vscocam 4

We hope you enjoy using this fun app! Looking forward to seeing all the pretty new pictures you’ll soon be posting!

Laurel blogs at The HIVE and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.

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