How to Blog + Travel

Wonder how bloggers keep up with the pace of their blogs while traveling? We asked travel expert + globe trotter Melanie from me & mr to give you a few tips on making sure your blog stays relevant, even as you travel for work + play.


Over the past year, I have constantly been on the move. I have flown over 170 hours, traveled to 9 different countries, and have moved 4 different times– all between now and last October! It can be thrilling and exhausting, both at the same time. I have learned a thing or to about blogging on the go and I’m excited to share some helpful tips with you.

1. Enjoy your trip + queue your posts.

Stay 2 weeks ahead on content prior to leaving for your trip. This enables you to continue posting the entire time you are on the road. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel the need to write, edit photos, and create new content when traveling.


2. Instagram during the trip.

Instagram is your friend! But instead of sharing pictures throughout the day, considering waiting until the end of the night and pick one photo to share. I like doing this because my followers can get one quality shot and don’t feel bombarded by my feed.

Picture #04

3. Write posts and edit photos on the go during longer travel stints.

If you are traveling for long stretches of time and your 2-week queue runs low, edit photos while traveling on a plan, boat, or in a car. Once you connect to Wi-Fi again, all you have to do is upload the pictures and copy and paste the text. This method helps me stay efficient with travel time so I don’t spend more time than necessary on a computer.

If you want to read more about my travels, you can find me at me & mr.


Mel blogs at me & mr and is a member of The Blogger Collective.


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