TBC Spotlight: The Refresh Weekly Planner for 2016

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We’re so excited to share a product launch driven by one of our TBC members, Jenna of J.Lynn Designery. She’s put together an amazing planner for 2016 and we wanted to feature it here + give you a little insight as to how she executed an amazing product.

refresh weekly planner by j.lynn designery

Jenna, describe your product for the TBC fam, and definitely include what inspired you to get this project rolling.
This year, I launched the first ever Refresh Weekly Planner for 2016 by J.Lynn Designery! It was designed as a way to achieve organizational bliss through beautiful design– and its custom features make it an accommodating solution for a variety of lifestyles.

As a paper lover and list-maker, I always knew this was a dream product of mine to create, and this year, all of the right pieces and an amazingly supportive crew helped make that happen.

Were there any obstacles along the way to launch? Tell us how you tackled them.
Absolutely! With the Refresh Weekly Planner being my first manufactured product, I poured my time and energy into research before starting on the design and layout of the planner. I quickly learned, however, that no matter how much you prepare, road blocks and unexpected surprises will always come up.

In my case, there was a lot to figure out and deal with in regards to vendors, materials, and pricing, i.e., all of the logistical details that go into creating a product before you see it beautifully displayed on the store shelf. 🙂 Sometimes, a planned vendor won’t work out or a supply piece for your product is way pricier than you imagined– so you start seeking out creative alternatives.

A similar situation happened to me, but it turned out the “creative alternative” in my case was ultimately a better move for my business, allowing room to grow into additional products more easily down the road! (Hint, hint. Stay tuned!)

refresh weekly planner by j.lynn designery
What is your favorite feature about the product/project?
I’m a detail gal, and so all of the little details– like the pocket in the back and the gold wire binding– steal my heart every time! But the feature I’m really excited about with the Refresh Weekly Planner is the ability to customize it by choosing two separate planner add-ons that get added in the back of your planner. These are designed to be used one sheet per week, and include options such as a workout planner, meal planner, and blog planner, for example. This gives you the flexibility to build your Refresh Weekly Planner around your lifestyle and priorities for the year!

So where can TBC members purchase the Refresh Weekly Planner?
You can view all of the pretty little details over on my website at jlynndesignery.com/planner. And if you’re eady to start building your 2016 Refresh Weekly Planner, head to jlynndesignery.etsy.com to create one for you or a friend! (Or, let’s be real: besties need matching planners.)


A massive congrats to Jenna on her planner launch– so exciting! (Speaking of planners, read what planners the TBC ambassadors are loving, although we all might switch to the J.Lynn Designery version soon!)

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