TBC Challenge: Get Holiday Ready

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Happy November, everyone! It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us– it’ll be sleigh bells and snow days before we know it.



This month’s challenge is for both November and December. We want you to start working on your holiday strategy and implementing holiday plans on your blog. This could be a gift guide (or several!), a series of holiday outfits, holiday-themed DIYs, recipes, etc. The holidays are a huge time for blogging, so we want you to be prepared! Get started now, and you can roll into the new year with a boost in traffic (and maybe even revenue).

We are extending this challenge through December to give you a chance not only to execute your holiday posts, but to work on the social media promotional campaign that should accompany it. Holiday posts should be talked about + promoted throughout the entire season; even if you post ’em on November 15th, you should still be talking about ’em come December 15th.

A few tips:

  • Make a note of your average page views/unique visits for a typical blog post. Use this baseline number to see if your holiday posts score better (and how all that social promo pays off).
  • When doing a gift guide, be mindful to check in to see if the items you’ve featured are still available (or if they’re on sale!) and update accordingly. (It’s super frustrating for a user to browse your gift guide + fall in love with something, only to click through and find the item is sold out.)

The TBC ambassadors will also be sharing some our our holiday tips and tricks for blogging later in the month to help you blast through the November + December holiday season.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “TBC Challenge: Get Holiday Ready

    1. Hi Jessica, if anything, the norm is to experience a little boost in traffic- people are searching for party-worthy holiday outfits, recipes, DIYs, etc., and are also using up a little vacation time, which gives them the opportunity to hit your blog. 🙂


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