TBC Collaborates: Blogging During the Holidays

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The holiday season is here… Believe it or not! What is your holiday strategy for your blog; do you go all out with gift guides and holiday-themed recipes, or do you take a bit of a break? We polled the ambassadors to find out how they tackle blogging during the holiday season.


From Sarah
I like to focus my holiday content on things like traditions and recipes, maybe even a DIY if I get around to one. I also try to write and schedule a few posts ahead of time, but I don’t stress about it. It’s the holidays– it’s family time. If my blog doesn’t get updated the week of Christmas, that’s okay!

From Ashley
I start thinking gift guides in mid-November (as I make my own wishlists + start shopping for friends and fam), and begin tacking those to the end of outfit posts in late November and early December. Important: I check and re-checks linked items in those gift guides in the following weeks; stuff sells out quickly, so updates are usually needed. I will also schedule more promo (and for a longer time period) to put those guides back in front of my social media audiences (another reason to re-check links).

Lastly, I start pulling out more sparkly + girly pieces to create outfits with, as the holiday season calls for a bit of glitz (a break from my normal Tough Girl Ash routine). Everyone needs a few solid holiday party outfit ideas.

From Shannon
I just love getting into the holiday season, especially when it comes to my blog! If you belong to any affiliate programs, be sure to take advantage of the busiest shopping season of the year and bring in those sales. I love making gift guides, styling holiday outfit ideas, and making wishlists. Also, keep in mind everyone is looking for a way to save some money while buying gifts, so be sure to let your readers + social media followers know when the best sales are happening! Have fun with it and happy holidays!

From Nikki
The only way I can get through the holidays is by working ahead. Things get so busy, and I don’t have time to post every single day if I haven’t pre-written and scheduled posts. I even try to have a back-up post (or two!) that I can publish in case something else doesn’t work out the way I need it to.

Gift guides are a great way to engage your readers and generate revenue during this time, but they can be really time consuming. Your best bet to is to work ahead! Get started early, before the holiday rush really starts.

From Laurel
Planning ahead is my main strategy when preparing for the holidays on my blog. I keep up with my editorial calendar via Google drive (which I have an app for on my phone, so any time a good idea for a post comes to mind, I stick it in the calendar no matter where I am and it gets saved for later).

I try to knock out as many posts as I can in just a couple of afternoons and schedule them out so I can relax a little more and have more time to do fun Christmass-y things as the holiday approaches! Although the afternoons of photographing, editing, and writing are a bit hectic, I find it to be a great trade-off for a little extra down time during the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂

From Rachelle
My holiday content is pretty simple: I focus mostly on gift guides and outfit planning for holiday parties and such. I make my guides stand out by curating them really carefully and I always make sure to provide different price points.

One tip is that throughout November and beginning of December I update my guides and put out a daily reminder for my readers. I report all the various holiday sales, but most importantly create a very detailed pre-selected holiday list of gifts for my readers, as I believe we probably gravitate toward the same type of items. I don’t just advertise a bunch of random pieces.

I always post in a timely manner, so a reader has the time to place an online order if needed. For example, if I want my users to be able to shop my Thanksgiving outfit in time for actual Thanksgiving, I need to post weeks (not days) in advance to give them time to shop + have items shipped.

From Angela
I like to switch things up a little bit on my blog during the holiday season by featuring holiday gift guides for both women and men on a budget. I also love featuring holiday entertaining blog posts, such as the Christmas tea party I host every year (so much fun!). The holiday season is a great time to feature new and special content!


What are your holiday + blogging strategies, TBC?



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