Featured Post: The Third Piece Rule

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Jessica from My Cubicle Chic is giving us a little primer today on the third piece rule.


“Didn’t I just wear this last week?” With the confines of dressing professionally and appropriately, it’s not a walk in a park to always look polished and presentable, while showing creativity in your outfit at the same time. I try to solve the problem by sticking with basic neutrals that could go with everything else I own, so I don’t have to brainstorm in the morning as I get ready. Still, a slight problem still exists: I end up creating really similar outfits or just gravitating toward the same outfit over and over again. There are 5 work days a week is about 260 work days a year. Who has that much time to create 260 different looks?!
This is where the Third Piece Rule comes in handy. The Third Rule Piece is a wardrobe trick where you elevate your ensemble by adding a “third piece” to your outfit. The third piece could be a statement necklace (or any bold accessory), or a piece of outerwear like a vest or a blazer. (Read more about the rule here.)

In the pics above, I am using a statement necklace and jacket to add instant glam to this otherwise lackluster office outfit.



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