TBC Anniversary: What is Your Favorite Thing About The Blogger Collective?

We’re celebrating our little blogger group turning 1 this week on TBC! Can you believe it’s been a whole year? We’re starting by sharing what our awesome members + ambassadors feel is their favorite thing about The Blogger Collective.


From Laurel, TBC Ambassador + blogger at THE HIVE
I love being an ambassador for The Blogger Collective because of the challenge! Writing about my blog and my methods around blogging makes me more aware of how and why I do things with my blog. Plus, I’ve learned so much from the other ambassadors and members!

From Ashley, TBC Co-Founder + blogger at Le Stylo Rouge
My fave thing about TBC is the archive of relevant information we’ve built throughout the course of our first year. The Blogger U series is so helpful for newbie bloggers and veterans alike; such a great library of info to brush up on everything from SEO to working with brands.

From Larisa, TBC Member + blogger at We Heart Beauty
I always love discovering new blogger babes on The Blogger Collective!

From Nikki, TBC Co-Founder + blogger at The Fashionable Wife
There are so many things I love about The Blogger Collective! I love that we have created a supportive, helpful community for all bloggers and a place where bloggers can connect. I am so glad we are able to provide information for bloggers looking to get started or grow their blog, as well as introducing members to each other. I hope we can continue to grow TBC in this next year and keep doing what we are doing– and more!

From Shannon, TBC Ambassador + blogger at Upbeat Soles
My favorite thing about TBC is the community! It’s an amazing place where bloggers can come together to support each other, give advice, and learn. I don’t think anyone can ever be an “expert” at blogging; there are always new things we can learn from each other! Just having the support of an entire blogging community is a beautiful thing.

From Angela, TBC Ambassador + blogger at Head to Toe Chic
I’m with Shannon– it’s all about the TBC community! Everyone in this group is so supportive, and it’s such a great way to make new friends! I love having some blogger friends to bounce ideas off of and to get advice from.

From Rachelle, TBC Ambassador + blogger at Pinksole
Being an ambassador for The Blogger Collective has been so rewarding; it’s a great community for sharing and learning more about the art (and business) of blogging. Most of all, TBC is made up of very down-to-earth and knowledgeable women who truly support each other. I’m honored to be a part of it and in such great company.

From Sarah, TBC Ambassador + blogger at Back Home Blue
My favorite thing about The Blogger Collective has been getting to know other bloggers– I love the community that’s being built!

From Shannon, TBC member + blogger at Clothes & Quotes
I would say my favorite thing about The Blogger Collective is getting know other bloggers. I love the interviews TBC puts together showcasing the individuality of all the women out there in the blogging world!


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