TBC Anniversary: 1st Year Highlights

We’ve been celebrating TBC’s first birthday all week, and what better way to end things than with a little recap of the last year?


From Laurel
I really liked Melanie’s post on how to blog + travel! She included some great practical tips that I’d never really thought much about before. Very helpful!

From Ashley
I love Sarah’s SEO series (101 + 201). I do a little bit of SEO as part of my 9-5 that I translate for use on my blog, but I’m no where near the guru level Sarah is at. This particular Blogger U series is so important for site performance, and Sarah has a way of explaining complex topics in an easy to digest way.

From Nikki
It’s so hard to pick a favorite– I love it all! The Blogger U series is so informative, but I have also really been enjoying the Blogger Chats. It’s so fun + helpful to hear from these amazing veteran bloggers!

From Rachelle
My favorite post by far has been the SEO 201 Blogger U post. I’ve learned about so many Google Analytics features that I cannot wait to apply to my own blog.

From Shannon
My favorite post from this year would have to be my Photography 101 post for the Blogger U series. I had so much fun writing it! Photography is the one thing I get the most questions about, so it was great to really dig deep and give lots of detail in writing the post.

From Angela
I really love the Blogger Chat series on TBC! It’s so great getting to learn from some amazing bloggers and my favorite post was the Blogger Chat with Grace from The Stripe.

From Sarah
I love the blogger babe features. I’m a sucker for profiles of any sort, so I love getting to know more about other bloggers with TBC.


What has been your favorite feature on TBC?


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