Get Personal: How I Do It with Laurel from THE HIVE

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We’ve dug into how ambassadors Angela and Shannon balance blogging + real life, and now Laurel from THE HIVE is sharing her story.


Blogging is a commitment; there is no way around it! But if you have a passion for maintaining a beautiful blog, then there are ways to make it unnamedwork! I’ve honestly been very inspired by reading the other “How I Do It” columns from other ambassadors here at TBC! I recommend taking a peek at them.

There are several things I must name that contribute considerably to the success of my little blog, THE HIVE.

Number one? An understanding husband. He is sweet to take pictures for me when I need him to, and understands if I’ve gotten a little behind and need an extra 20 minutes before we get in bed to finish a post I started but couldn’t finish. He likes the few extra dollars each month my blog adds to our bank account, so he’s respectful of the fact that I need time to make money! 😉

Number two is the fact that I work part time. I have about 8 different jobs, but thankfully only one of them requires me being in an office during set hours. The others are pretty much up to me as far as how much (or how little) I work. If I feel myself getting behind on blogging, which is very important to me, I am able to cut back a little bit on job #6 (or #5, or #4…) if necessary.

Number three: my blog is a lifestyle blog, so I blog about things naturally happening in my life. This makes coming up with content easy, because I’m writing about what I know. Let’s say I’m making a recipe for the second or third time that has turned out really well in the past. Why not photograph the process and the dish when I’m finished and make it a blog post? Or am I finally finished with the room in my house I’ve been working on for weeks/months? Well, let’s take some pictures, get them edited, and share a little about what all went into that room. I believe if you blog about things you’re passionate about, or things that come naturally to you, your schedule will more easily accommodate sharing these things with your blog audience.

Number four on my list is I really take advantage of the times during the week when I find myself with a few extra minutes. I have a one-year old and another baby due in just a couple of weeks, so if I have some time to myself while my baby is napping or is at “school” for a few hours, I do my best to make the most of the time I have. Why not bang out 3 or 4 blog posts in one sitting if you’re already in the mode? I will say, having kids has made me value my time much more and has made me more efficient with the way I spend every minute!

Number five and lastly, I’ve realized if I only have time for one or two blog posts a week some weeks, it is not the end of the world. The beauty of owning your own blog is that you are your own boss! Yes, it’s great to set goals and keeping a steady editorial schedule is important, but if life is happening and blogging can’t be kept up quite as consistently, the world will still turn! Your readers will understand– and you’ll be much less stressed! 😉


Laurel blogs at THE HIVE and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.


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