Blogger U: Editorial Calendars 201

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We’ve covered what an editorial calendar is + the basic elements it should include in our 101 piece, now let’s talk about taking it to the next level. Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge is guiding us through the process.



Your editorial calendar isn’t just a way to organize what you’ve got on your blog’s plate, it can help elevate your blog (and its content).

Goals, people, goals.

Now that you’ve got a basic ed cal in the works, sync it with your blog goals. You want to post more about beauty, or log some more DIY content, or float a new personal feature out on the blog? Schedule it. Drop it on the calendar and work toward making that post happen. Maybe it’s weeks ahead, maybe it’s months ahead. Slot it in. Even if you have to tweak the publish date as it looms closer, putting pencil to paper makes it more likely you’ll achieve the goal.

Revise post-publish.

An editorial is a living document; it’s going to change + shift as you approach deadlines, work in new content, push slow-moving projects, etc. But something to consider? Adding it basic analytics info (get the 101 + 201 versions here on TBC) after something publishes.

Why? This gives you a birds-eye view of popular content as you look back on the posts you’ve recently published. It may help you identify trends, so you can plan accordingly. For example: your #ootd posts are getting way more traffic love than your red carpet rundown posts? Maybe time to add in more outfits and curb the fashion reporting.

Balance your blog plate.

I touched on this a bit in 101: as you work with brands + start accepting more sponsored posts (if that’s your thing), you’ll want to make sure you don’t have too much for-profit content bunched together.

Why? Money is good, money makes the world go round. Nothing wrong with getting paid for your passion project.

Right. True. But too much sponsored content is going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of your readers. They come to your blog for you and your story, not to read what someone is paying you to talk about. Now, there is nothing wrong with making money (as long as the collabs you accept make sense with your blog’s brand + dovetail nicely with the content you’re already churnin’ out), but you’ve got to strike a balance between content you’ve been compensated for and original content.

A great tool to help you gauge that balance? You got it: your editorial calendar. Mark sponsored/for-profit posts with a different color, a special title (SP: Your Blog Title here, for example), etc. Anything to help you tell what you’ve got scheduled + where at a glance.

Good luck scheduling, TBC fam!


Ashley blogs at Le Stylo Rouge and is a co-founder of The Blogger Collective.


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