TBC Challenge: Show Some Love

tbc challenge header

Are you ready for the February TBC challenge? We thought with February being the month of love it would be appropriate for our challenge to be love-focused, as well!



This month, we want to get out there and share the love: with blogger friend, with your readers, via social media– any way you want! You could do any of the following to get started:

  1. Write a post about some of your favorite bloggers + why you love them. Encourage your readers to visit their blogs and comment on what they like. Sharing is caring, TBC friends– your blogger pals will appreciate the little shoutout + potential boost in traffic.
  2. If you get comments on your blog posts emailed to you, reply back + thank your readers for commenting. Even if you respond on your blog, readers don’t always seem them. Sending a quick email response is a great way to show how much you appreciate the time it took for a reader to comment. (Remember no-reply email addresses won’t get them.)
  3. Get lovey dovey on social media: retweet other bloggers to help them promote their posts + content, like + comment on Facebook posts, or leave a comment on Instagram.

Now, get out there and share the love!


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