How Personal Should You Get On Your Blog?

It’s your blog, your space, your little corner of the web. But how personal should you get? How much of your real life do your reveal?

We’ve polled three of our ambassadors who take three different approaches: open, middle of the road, and private.



Open: From Sarah
I’ve spent far more time than I care to admit debating on just how personal to get on my blog. I like to tell stories; I like to share stories. And I find that by sharing my story, I get to hear my readers’ stories.

However, there are lines I don’t like to cross. In the past, I’ve been known to blog about the dates I’ve been on, for example. I’ve more or less stopped sharing those details, as it’s really not fair to the other person, particularly if the date was less than wonderful. That’s my golden rule when sharing personal stories: Is there anyone in the story that wouldn’t want that info shared? I also think, “Would I want my parents/grandparents/future employers to read this?”

Getting personal is cathartic for me, but it does come with both a sense of vulnerability and a responsibility to decide what lines you are and aren’t willing to cross.

Middle of the Road: From Nikki
I tend to take a middle of the road approach when it comes to sharing personal things on the blog. I share funny stories when I have them, especially when they involve the hubs or the dogs. I share some personal updates (like when the hubs graduated from law school and when we celebrated our 5 year anniversary). But I don’t share it all, and I wait until the time is right. For example, I have had a lot going on in my personal life, but I haven’t shared any of it on my blog. When the time is right, I will mention it. But that time isn’t now.

I like when other bloggers share personal things; it makes me feel like I know them better. So I like to offer the same for my readers, in measured doses.

Private: From Ashley
I’m naturally a pretty private person. I have a small circle of friends who know everything from my celebrity crush to the date of my last menstrual cycle (kidding, but you get the point). For the most part, however, I play things close to the vest.

I don’t include personal photos of me + my friends, or my family, or the boyfriend. I keep non-fashion opinions to a minimum. I hit the highlights of blog-related stuff my readers might care about: when I’m going to Fashion Week, including a link to segments when I do a spot on Better KC, etc. I keep the writing short + sweet; subscribing to the idea that my readers are mostly here for the photos and a bit of how-to-style advice.

This is not to say aforementioned personal photos and non-fashion opinions aren’t out there in the Web Universe. my social accounts aren’t nearly as private, and you can find weekend snaps of me and my pals on Insta or a rant (with expletives, sorry Mom) about KU basketball on Twitter. I just keep the content on Le Stylo Rouge more streamlined.

This also doesn’t mean I’m not me on my blog. I’m super sarcastic and have a bit of a try-anything-once attitude when it comes to fashion, and these bits shine through on Le Stylo Rouge. But as much as I love my blog, it’s become a business and a brand. For me, I keep the goal in the forefront: visually deliver my personal style + take on trends to my readers.


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