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Curious about guest posting? It can be a great way to expose other audiences to you + your blog. Angela from Head to Toe Chic is walking us through the basics.


Hi TBC! Let’s talk about guest posting today. First of all, what is it? Guest posting is when you write a blog post for another blog (or another blogger writes a guest post for you).

I definitely suggest writing guest posts for other blogs. When I first started blogging, I would guest post on my friends’ blogs whenever they went on vacation, had a baby, needed a little blogging break, you name it. It was a great way to get exposure for my blog– plus it felt nice help my blogger friends secure content + a consistent posting schedule while they were away.

So how should you approach guest posting? Include a bit about how you’re willing to guest post in your media kit and/or on your contact/about page. You can also periodically reach out to bloggers you want to work with and offer your guest posting services for the next time they’re on vacation. Also include links to a few examples of the types of content you produce on your blog to give the blogger an idea of what he/she can expect from you. (Make sure these posts are stellar examples! Go back and proofread + link check to make sure they represent your best work.)

Whenever I guest post for someone, I write my blog post like I normally would on Blogger and then I send the HTML version of that post via email. This ensures that any formatting or linking I do in the post translates on the other blogger’s platform (and also minimizes the proofing he/she will have to do to schedule the post).

Always begin your guest post by introducing yourself + your blog so the other blog’s readers can learn a little bit about you right away. If the blogger you’re guest posting for is open to it, link + include a picture of you (or something relevant to your blog) as part of the post, in addition to whatever images you use to complement the content. It’s also good practice to promote your guest post across your social media channels when the post goes live, to show a little love for the other blogger and promote your work.

Guest posting is easy + fun, and definitely beneficial to both you and the other blogger. You get to expand your audience and he/she gets to keep a consistent posting schedule while on vacation, in addition to getting a little traffic boost from your readership. It’s a win/win!


Angela blogs at Head to Toe Chic and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.


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