TBC Challenge: Spring Cleaning

tbc challenge header

Who is happy March has arrived? Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means: warmer weather, longer days, and some serious spring cleaning!


It’s not just time to clean out those closets and attics, TBC fam. We’re challenging you this month to do some spring cleaning when it comes to your blog. A little housekeeping, some organization, maybe purging a few things clogging up your hard drive, etc.

You don’t nee 950 pictures of the same outfit/meal/DIY project. Go through your photo folders and focus on removing duplicates. Do you have images from a year ago that you probably won’t use again? Get rid of them or move them to an external drive/cloud system where they won’t be in the way + taking up valuable space on your computer. We suggest using Google Drive, Dropbox, or the Cloud. All of these platforms are awesome for storing things you may want to keep but don’t necessarily need daily access to.

Take this month to back things up, as well. Backing up your files is essential to blogging peace of mind! Whether you’re using an external hard drive or storing everything onto one of the above sites, make sure you are covered and have your file archive up to date. Trust us– when you lose everything, it’s heartbreaking! Having a sold back-up system means if a tech catastrophe occurs, you’ll be able to retrieve everything, no problem.

Now, get to cleaning!


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