Blogging with Kids

We asked our ambassador, Laurel from THE HIVE, to write a piece on how to manage blogging + being a mom. She just had her second baby in February, so she knows all about work/life balance. And Laurel rose to the challenge!
Managing a blog can be hard work. Keeping content consistent, making time to take better-than-average photos, writing your own original material, and sharing your live posts all over the social world can take quite a bit of time! Before I had kids, time was something I really took for granted. I only thought I was pressed to find the time I needed to make my blog decent!

About the time I decided to get a little more serious about my little ol’ blog, we found out I was pregnant. My husband and I welcomed our little boy into the world in December of 2014 and I began to realize what a dear and precious commodity time really was!

Since blogging is one thing that is important to me (along with quality time with my husband, my day job, having daily quiet time, etc.), I knew that in order to keep those activities and relationships as priorities, I’d have to make time to keep them up.

One thing having a child taught me was some valuable time management skills. I learned to make every minute of every day count! And during the first few weeks of mommyhood, those valuable minutes went toward napping while the baby was napping (since a full night’s sleep was not in the cards for those first couple of months). But after I started feeling more rested and able to settle into a routine, I made the most of the time I had while the baby was sleeping throughout the day. If it was during daylight hours, I made sure to get whatever photos I needed staged and taken (photos taken when it’s dark outside just aren’t quite as pretty). If I had a few minutes while it was dark outside, I’d catch up on some copy writing and post scheduling. And feeding times were made for sharing content on social media. 😉

A few things I found particularly helpful when learning to manage my blog as a mama include:
  1. My awesome husband. If I was really on a roll with a post, he would be give the baby his bottle or bathe him while I finished up. I definitely would not even have a blog still running if I didn’t have a great hubs!
  2. My sweet friends and family. They took turns offering to give me a few hours here and there to myself. A word of advice to any new mommy: if someone offers to hang out with your child and give you some time to run errands, work out, blog, sleep, etc., take them up on their offer! People genuinely want to help new mamas! And new mamas need a few hours out of the house every now and then to maintain sanity.
  3. A general editorial schedule. Without a blog schedule to know what I wanted to post and when, my sleep-deprived brain would have not been able to keep up with blog stuff. It helped so much to be able to look ahead and see what I needed to be thinking about getting photographed and written over the course of the coming week.
  4. Don’t overdo it! A newborn baby is obviously the top priority. But do not put added pressure on yourself to keep up posting 4-5 times a week. If you need to drop to just one or two (or even take a few weeks off), I can promise that your audience will understand. You are now in charge of a tiny human. Your focus has shifted and that is okay. Just put a little note up on your blog + social accounts letting everyone know you’re scaling back a bit for a time, and the rest will take care of itself.

It also helps that my day job is part time and my little boy is in a Mother’s Morning Out program close by. But if blogging is important to you even if you work full time, there are ways to make time for it! You might just have to rearrange a little but it is do-able.

I just had my second child on February 1, so I’m currently trying to figure out the balance between blogging and my new role as mama of two! I learned so much with the first baby that I feel like I’m just honing my mothering skills this go-round. Although it’s not always easy, I love blogging and will continue to make time for it because it is such a wonderful outlet for me!
If any of you other blogging mamas have tips, please share! I’m in no way claiming to be an expert at this! I am always up for suggestions too! 😉
Laurel blogs at THE HIVE and is an ambassador of The Blogger Collective.

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